Garment Assembly Systems


Garment Assembly Systems

assemblemax_cdI n order to fulfill the increasing demand for automated dry cleaning processes, CleanMax has redesigned its garment sorting systems. We introduce the system in three versions: SortMax, AssembleMax, and iSortmax. The three versions offer great business flexibility, rapid processing, reduced sorting space, and an immense productivity boost, all at a very affordable price with a high return on investment. You will find that our garment sorting system will bring accuracy and oversight to your work process, and will improve the overall quality of your service with low lead times and rapid fulfillment of customer demand.

Furthermore, our garment sorting systems can stay within the bounds of your budget due to significantly lower capital investments. We can say with confidence that Arbelsoft garment assembly systems undercut the price of any other version currently available on the market. Why are the other systems so expensive? Well for one, other systems require a computer for conveyor rotation control but also necessitate an additional POS system that retains tags and ticket information. CleanMax makes the extra computer redundant in functionality by syncing the two together into one device. Powered by a Microsoft SQL database, the system can control both the function conveyor and sorting with internal tag and ticket information stored within the POS system.

Another unique feature is that CleanMax is compatible with both permanent heat seal tags and barcode tags, thus expanding the marginal utility for businesses that handle both corporate accounts, (eg: hotels, hospitals, etc) as well as more mainstream retail accounts. While the heat seal tag is suitable for bulk orders such as uniform cleaning, barcode tags are suitable for retail dry cleaning applications.

We introduced our very own barcode tag that does not exist anywhere else in the dry cleaning POS market today. We pioneered this tag to address a dry cleaning assembly automation problem, primarily dependent on nature of heat seal tags. Although its utilization cuts time in the sorting process with a scannable barcode, the tagging preparation time adds an average of 30 seconds to the garment tagging process. Furthermore, due to constant customer churn, the frequency of tagging preparation time added to the work process with heat seal tags increases substantially.

That’s how our barcode tag differentiate itself, since it fuses together the functionality of barcodes and cuts out lengthy preparation times altogether. Our disposable tags are made of a special and easily scannable material that comes at a cheaper price than heat seal tags. In sum, the benefits of our barcode tags in functionality and time and money spent on equipment utilization and manpower outweigh the expense and limited commercial applications of heat seal tags.

See accompanying chart below

Barcode & Heat Seal Tag Comparison

SortMax: Uses your existing conveyor; designed for garment assembly purposes; compatible with any conveyor brand.

AssembleMax: Interfaced with the Railex garment sorting conveyor; current status with voice guidance in English or Spanish. [conveyor moves and stops exactly at the pre-assigned slot upon scanning the garment tag until assembly completion]

iSortMax: Manual, no conveyor necessary.

Features are:

  • Easy to use
  • Large screen and voice guidance in English or Spanish by SoundMax
  • Instant Voice change English/Spanish by scan command barcode
  • Both automatic and manual assembly systems available
  • Soft start conveyor by an inverter control
  • Assembly rate over 380 pcs/hour
  • Acceleration Function
  • Search slot by tag number entry
  • Syncs with a CleanMax interfaced conveyor or any other brand
  • No limit on number of maximum slots for SortMax
  • Pre or post ticket printing options
  • Garment assembly for single or multiple stores by using only one invoice printer.
  • Supports regular disposable barcode & heat seal tags
  • Accepts number entry from third parties or from a pre printed heat seal tag
  • Automatic slot extension based on order size
  • Rapid recognition 2D barcode technology
  • Issues updates on assembly status for partial pick up
  • Instantly accessible detailed ticket review
  • Tag / Ticket reprint feature
  • Overview of current / previous slot status
  • Detailed view of each slot and much more..

CleanMax can be interfaced with systems such as those provided by Metalprogetti, White Conveyors, HMC Solutions & IOWA Systems.

Below is a chart that tables the differences between our systems and others.

Garment Assembly System Comparison

Note: All third parties data and prices are solely based on ArbelSoft research. We based our calculations on the most current data, and thus hold no responsibility for future discrepancies in price and performance figures as of December, 2010.

  • Installation, and training is available upon request at $500.00/day plus freight. A minimum of 2 days are necessary.
  • The AssembleMax promotional Rental Sale is available now for a 48 month fixed term with a $4800.00 down payment.
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