Route / Valet

Route / Valet
Create a printable route map
CleanMax is interfaced with Map Point, which determines the shortest distance for going about a new delivery route, and produces a printable route map to guide you in carrying out deliveries.
Double Confirmation
The greatest problem with deliveries is faulty tracking, which leads to missing or misplaced garments, and great customer displeasure. Such confusion can be eliminated with our double confirmation feature, which makes usage of mobile computers. Matching scans of stop tags at the destination and the delivery ticket produces a chime that confirms that the garment is in its correct location. Furthermore, an initial scanning and confirmation produces a chime sound for items heading towards its proper destination, and a different and recognizable sound for those that aren't so as to protect and keep tabs on all garments, and move them into their correct paths and locations.
Print Bag Tag
CleanMax allows for the issuing of printed bag tags, waterproof and sealed for protection, for select customers. Printing bag tags are much neater and longer lasting than ordinary bag tags and costs only half the amount of other tags. The barcode on the bag tags allows for easy customer identification, easy access to all customer information, and greatly facilitates the usage of the quick drop feature of CleanMax.
Stop / Apartment No. in large font
The CleanMax invoice ticket provides the stop or apartment number in large font for easy identification, legibility, and so as to prevent confusion in carrying out deliveries.
Batch delivery confirmation
This feature combines the capabilities of a cordless barcode scanner with an optional memory storage feature in order to quickly scan tickets all at once, upon which all data can be placed on the cradle and entered into the computer system in a matter of moments.
All encompassing valet & route
CleanMax supports both route & valet deliveries. When pressing the valet or route button, you can easily access their respective ticket lists and split the two completely in order to prevent mixing and confusion. Splitting it based on towns (route) or by streets (valet) allows for a more effective and time saving delivery system.
Delivery management
Arbelsoft provides a delivery calendar which includes a general list of the number of future deliveries that need to be carried out. The delivery calendar lets you prepare for the job beforehand, making all tasks more manageable. Further, you can also access the specifics of the deliveries.