CleanMax, Dry Cleaner Software

C leanMax has the capability of enabling the user to categorize garments precisely within a versatile and expandable drop screen interface. There are about 80 subcategories of dry cleaning garment types including house hold items and specifications for sizes such as full and king sizes. There are about 32 categories of upcharges including colors, patterns, texture, or fabrics such as silk, linen, and rayon, or silhouette and shape, such as flare and A-line, and 7 other options that describe special conditions of garments such as missing buttons, discolored, or stains, as well as being able to type additional memos instantly just to name a few. You can specify garments by alteration type, by brand, or by other specifications such as due date, pickup/delivery, prepaid, do over, no charge, etc. The number of combinations for garment descriptions total over 2500, ensuring that you will be able to produce an accurate ticket for all customer garments.

In addition, our upcharge feature not only adds and subtracts to the price of the drop offer order but can also apply additional charges as a percentage value of the standard price. No other software possesses a flexible upcharge feature as CleanMax does which guarantees that with our program, you will always be able to charge the correct amount for drop off orders and save money lost to misguided garment descriptions with general upcharges.

CleanMax currently offers the fastest ticketing process of all dry cleaning POS computer systems on the market. Ticket generation also has a high level of personalization and customization, which includes functions to include your company logo and design. Furthermore, the compactness of the sleek touch screen monitor is a much more effective usage of your workspace.

Our IT professionals have carefully optimized the CleanMax interface over the years, based on user feedback and the implementation of new technologies to render a smooth and enjoyable user experience. This is why we can say with pride that all ArbelSoft products have been
"created by industry professionals for industry professionals."

Another unique feature of CleanMax is our initial price setup service, during which we customize pricing for each and every one of our customers on an individualized basis by utilizing a price generator that calculates over 2500 garment charge combinations based on just a few sample prices submitted by the customer via our "Customer Setup Form". Most of our customers have been able to use our customized price setup as is and save the additional time necessary for initial preparation because our generator has been calibrated to accurately account for differences in price levels across various cities in the U.S and around the globe. Customers may also practice using the system for a few days and then use the reset all test data function to return the system to its initial settings.

CleanMax supports unlimited price tables for different customer groups such as wholesale or group account customers, and even allows the creation of tailor made group accounts for specific customers with delivery accounts, all via our "Quick Setup" function.

One main advantage of our touch screen POS system is the speed of ticket creation while being very detailed. For example, our program processes all ticket information from the same drop screen during ticket generation. The expansive nature of the drop screen eliminates the need of navigating back and forth between screens.

Some Tag Printers available for CleanMax are Permanent heat seal, and disposable 2D barcode tags can be printed out via the Zebra TLP 2824 or the Zebra GX430T, 3 styles of piece or lot system tags can be printed out by the Epson TMT-20 or Epson TM-U220B printers.

CleanMax can handle any tag system already in use including the Piece or Lot system by 3, 4, 5 digit assignments. Our system is also designed for use in High Volume Dry Cleaners where a tag printer is not a viable option.

Under the automatic assignment system, the user does not need to affix a tag to the ticket so that he or she can reduce extraneous time and costs put into the process and can simultaneously identify pickup and delivery orders without physically looking at the ticket. CleanMax offers a tremendous amount of garment traceability in order to minimize liabilities and potential garment loss. The program utilizes garment tracing and search techniques through tag number and garment type entry in order to help your employees locate and match up misplaced garments.

Under the manual assignment system, when using ready made tags, the tag number prints on the store ticket i.e. GRN 6-640 for piece system and Lot system would be 26 45 or 356 18 either 4 or 5 digits. The tag number will be printed on the regular store ticket and a simple ticket, which only contains the barcode and ticket number for Lot system. Upon scanning the simple ticket, it will print and process tag assignments as well as include single or daily colors for Piece system.

It can handle bulk rate dry cleaning or WDF interface with most common scales such as Mettler Toledo, A&D, CAS and Easy Weight for portable 11" x 15" or standard, 15" x 21" platforms.

A unique feature of CleanMax is called the "Quote Account," which allows for you to make alteration price estimations for new customers saving the time of having to create extra customer accounts in circumstances where the customer could decline. However, once the customer accepts the price, the account will automatically be created, and all quote details that have been entered into the system will automatically be transferred over to the newly created account.

Another convenient feature is the Automatic Conveyor Control. CleanMax can interface with White and Railex Conveyors and will start and stop automatically during the customer pickup, as long as the conveyor has a controller from the manufacturer. An alternative solution, Arbelsoft is able to provide a controller that is able to interface with any brand of conveyors, even if it has no controller.

All barcode tags are synced with our own in-house garment assembly system interface called AssembleMax. We successfully launched our initial public demo of the AssembleMax program at the Clean Show 2011 in Las Vegas. CleanMax is also interfaced with Metal Progetti and recognizes inputs from HMC, IOWA and White Conveyor garment assembly systems.

What differentiates CleanMax from competitors is one you can immediately notice and experience. Schedule a live demo today! Please look into the more detailed subject page links located on the left side of the page.