Quick Review

In order to better assist our customer in finding what they need, we have developed this page to answer most of the basic questions and provide quick access to the appropriate page. Please click the links below to find out more.
However, if you have any further questions please feel free to call us at (877) 970-1212. We will be more than happy to take your call.

  • Product

    We offer the following products: CleanMax, LaundroMax, TailorMax, and ShoeMax. All of these are products are interchangeable software that can be switched over by selecting the appropriate option at the default setup page. We also have a supplemental multiple store management software for larger scale business owners called, SyncMax which allows you to supervise all satellite stores via Internet. Customer can either purchase a basic POS package with optional hardware or purchase software only.

  • Purchase Options

    We offer several purchasing options which allows our customers the flexibility to devise a payment plan that puts the least strain on their finances. The purchasing options are as follows: Buy, Rent and Reserve or an Interest Free Payment plan.

  • Version

    All of our software comes in two versions, Standard and Full. The Standard version is for business owners interacting with walk-in customers only and the Full version offers pickup and delivery service features as well as processing and billing accounts receivables.

  • POS Package

    We offer POS packages, of which our basic package consists of the following: Computer, Touch Screen Monitor, Invoice Printer, Cash Drawer and UPS, Battery Power Backup.

  • Software

    Our software can be either purchased or rented without a contract. The software, which includes an installation guide, user manual, and maintenance guides are all available for download through our website. The Software Price is $2,199.00 to $2,799.00/license.

  • Warranty and Service

    Our warranty and service entitles buyers to 24/7 technical support and a 1 year Warranty term. The Warranty covers software and hardware replacements, including parts and labor.

    Our Customer care plan is comprised of 3 tiers, which offers services from basic software updates to full support which covers hardware replacement (including labor and parts) and BackupMax, a remote hosting backup service. Services may be dependent on customer demand and system configurations.

    • SILVER Edition
      – Silver Edition – Software maintenance and updates OR Hardware maintenance
      – Silver Edition Plus – Silver Edition benefits + remote backup hosting
    • GOLD Edition
      – Gold Edition – Software maintenance, updates, and hardware maintenance
      – Gold Edition Plus – Gold Edition benefits + remote backup hosting
    • DIAMOND Edition
      Eligible for POS system users under warranty or an upgrade service contract
      – Diamond Edition – Full maintenance support including replacement of parts + labor
      – Diamond Edition Plus – Diamond Edition benefits + remote backup hosting
      – Diamond Edition BackOffice – Diamond Edition Benefits + BackOffice
      – Diamond & BackOffice Plus – Diamond Edition benefits + BackOffice + remote backup hosting
  • Reference Information

    You can book an appointment for a Live Demo today by submitting an online request. Review this page to get a sense of what Product Is Best Suited For Your Business Also make sure to check out the Arbelsoft website map which outlines all 210 pages of our website. This is ideal for quickly accessing specific topics of interest.

  • Contact Us

    We have always valued your input and our door is open to your questions, comments, suggestions, and partnership. Do not hesitate to contact us about anything. Topics of concern and inquiry have been categorized as follows: Inquiry, RMA, Feedback, Agents, and Help. You can expect a prompt response to appropriately categorized inquiries. Miscategorized inquiries could take a few additional business days for processing.