Business Suite

Intercompatible Software
The Standard Version of the CleanMax Dry Cleaner POS Software Computer System is ideal for small-scale business owners interacting with walk-in customers. The full version is most appropriate for business owners operating large scale enterprises that necessitate the pickup and delivery demands of their consumers. The software consists of three levels which can be selected for your convenience based on what your business requires and demands.
  • Level One was created for the user who needs basic functions to properly operate
  • Level Two finds the balance between the advanced features of Level Three and the convenient simplicity of Level One.
  • Level 3 offers the most advanced features with the maximum of CleanMax capabilities including compatibility with the remote operation of satellite stores and a tight control on management even from overseas.
Can be split from the CleanMax mode to be used solely for Laundromat related purposes. Features include - quick inventory confirmation for sales of Laundromat related consumer goods -Smart Card credits which can be used for the purchase of consumer goods -Interfaced scale for simultaneous weighing and automatic data entry -Expenses calculated automatically with the Smart Card or Coin System.
Designed solely and exclusively for shoe repair services. Can be used on its own or together with SyncMax for multiple store management and remote operation. Can also handle the sales of shoe repair related consumer goods which can be scanned by a UPC code. Tickets are printed out at the same time as a pair of easily removable barcode stickers which indicate the specifics of the job as well as the ticket number, as an easy way to keep tabs on all shoes and the details of jobs to be completed.
TailorMax is a POS Computer System designed specifically for Tailoring & Alteration businesses. You can also take advantage of Arbelsoft’s intersoftware compatibility so that if your business offers both dry cleaning and tailoring & alteration services for example, you can use TailorMax in conjunction with CleanMax to accommodate all offered services. What differentiates TailorMax from CleanMax is the extremely specialized nature of alteration categories. TailorMax is constructed in 4 tiers that allow for you to really hone in on the details of each task you undertake, providing clear direction, enabling quick selection, and facilitating your work process.
CleanMax & LaundroMax
Both the CleanMax and LaundroMax modes have already been combined internally.
CleanMax & TailorMax
CleanMax & TailorMax is ideal for businesses offering both drycleaning & tailoring services, or drycleaning businesses who take tailoring orders and outsource the work.
CleanMax with Combined Shoe Repair Module
Combined Shoe Repair Module with CleanMax is suitable for Dry Cleaners that take orders for shoe repairs and outsource them to wholesale shoe repairs.
Any Software Product + SyncMax
For large scale stores in need of multiple store management and remote operation and oversight capabilities.
Any Software Product + SyncMax + Back Office
“Back Office” is a replication feature and a complement to SyncMax, that safeguards, stores, and transfers data from each of your satellite locations to a server computer so that the system can rapidly process auto garment sorting recognition for all satellite locations, without compromising efficiency and speed no matter how many stores you may operate."Back Office" also offers full data consolidation, and can quickly restore and recover data in case of a local store database failure or computer shutdown. This replication feature requires the NSD (No Systems Down) feature, and a server class computer with MS SQL 2012.