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Prices | TailorMax

TailorMax is exclusively designed for the Tailoring and Alteration business. TailorMax is constructed in 4 tiers that allow the user to really hone in on the details of each task, providing clear direction. The 1st tier allows for the user to select the garment type. The 2nd tier indicates the task specialization with 10 preloaded categories, including Buttom, Hem, Lining, Seam, Sleeve, Tape, Waist, etc. which can be expanded to an unlimited number of specializations. You can also create an unlimited number of details for each of the main task specializations and alter prices freely according to the particulars of your business. Employees can also leave a record of tasks completed on the system, which allows for easy traceablilty and accountability in the future. Combine with SyncMax at each location to view all employee attendance and sales monitoring at all locations, without employees ever knowing. SyncMax is not a data sharing software like pcAnywhere. SyncMax can be accessed at any satellite store and time without interfering with the local user.

Tip: Initial transaction must include a server which has a SQL database.
Each additional purchase on the same network will be a client(s) unit.

Case 1: 1 store, 4 units
Selection Guide: 1 server unit and 3 client units.

Case 2: 2 stores, 2 units for each location
Selection Guide: 2 server units and 2 client units(1 for each location).

Case 3: 2 stores, 1 unit plus SyncMax at main office or home
Selection Guide: 3 server software and 3 SyncMax

Note: SyncMax is not a data sharing software like pcAnywhere. SyncMax can be accessed at any satellite store and time without interfering with the local user.
Necessary business status reports are updated every 5 minutes.
Each store’s software version must be matched with the same existing version.
A High speed Static IP address is required for this software.

All Arbelsoft Rental comes with:

  • No contract, Month to month base, pay as you go plan.
  • All in One computers are also available for rental.
  • All Rental software comes with free updates as long as you continue to rent.
  • Easy Do It Yourself installation for any of our licensed software products.
  • 30 day money back guarantee following the initial trial period. If you're not satisfied simply cancel.
  • Before 30 days and only pay a 3% credit card service charge. No refund will be issued after the initial 30 days for month to month base.
  • Free installation service provided for customers that pre-paid for 12 months in advance but if cancelled before 12 months, installation charge $450.00, plus usage of months will be deducted.
  • Free technical support for installation and integrate of peripherals ( printers, scanners etc... )
  • All Installation Guides Windows 7 or later, User Manuals, Maintenance Guides, and Video Simulation downloads are available on our website. https://www.arbelsoft.com/en/wp-nonscript/support/downloads.php
  • Hardware troubleshooting support charge, $40.00/every 15 minutes.
  • Software Rental customers are always exempt from the Annual License Maintenance fee “ALMF” of $180.00