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Genuine Star Indelible Ribbon for SP 700 Tag Printer

This is a genuine Star Micronics parts number RC700D with superior abrasion resistance and 28% longer lasting with excellent printing quality compared to conventional products. It offers indelible printing quality for dry cleaning or laundry process. • Item No: SRBN-700

1 - 56 - 1112 - 2324 or more
$ 6.50 ea.$ 5.75 ea.$ 5.00 ea.$ 4.50 ea.

Genuine Epson ERC Series Indelible Ribbon for TM-U220 Tag Printer

This is genuine Epson Indelible Ink POS Cartridge Ribbons offer superior quality and are specially formulated to withstand all dry cleaning, laundry and bleaching processes, and are great for conveniently printing your own tags.
• Item No: ERBN-220

1 - 56 - 1112 - 2324 or more
$ 6.50 ea.$ 5.75 ea.$ 5.00 ea.$ 4.50 ea.

Weatherproof Laminated Bag Tag for Laundromat

The weatherproof laminated bag tag is a professional and inexpensive marketing tool by CleanMax and LaundroMax that allows for printing a bag tag for pick and delivery service or a valuable customer. In order to prevent mix ups, the tag indicating a barcode, customer's name and address, as well as the store's name and address. This allows the system to open the account immediately when the barcode is scanned. We recommend putting your business card into pouches before lamination for reinforcement. Complete bag tag printing services available by uploading your customer list. • Item No: BAG-TAG

ShoeMax, Dual UPC/SKU Labels & Barcode Sticker Tag & LaundroMax, SKU Labels

Easily removable Barcode stickers that come in pairs - one for each shoe, as a temporary and non-damaging indicator of whom the shoes belong to, but also any specific task to be done, such as repair, alterations, cleaning and shining. Organizes tasks & preempts potential losses. You can also use UPC code labels for items such as net bags or phone cards for Laundromats or laces and shoehorns for Shoe Repair Services.
30 mm w x 25 mm h 2320 Pcs / Roll. Compatible with Zebra LP 2824 Plus. • Item No: LBL-401182

1 or More4 or more7 or more13 or more
$ 24.75 ea.$ 23.75 ea.$ 22.75 ea.$ 21.75 ea.

Detailed Job Described Barcode Sticker Tag for ShoeMax

A new exclusively designed and fabricated sticker tag for Shoe Repair Service, that's larger in size and easily indicates the customer's name as well as all necessary information for the process, which include: detailed job description, ticket number with barcode, ready date, total ordered pieces and job identification indicator (such as R for Repair, A for Alteration, C for Cleaning and S for Shining). Print one tag for each shoe, or choose instant printing for an orthopedic shoe, and single tags for a handbag or purse, as a temporary and non-damaging indicator with the specific task to be done, as well as ordered. Organizes tasks & preempts potential losses.
62 mm w x 25 mm h 2100 Pcs / Roll. Compatible with Zebra LP 2824 Plus. • Item Number: LBL-102124

1 or More4 or more7 or more13 or more
$ 26.50 ea.$ 25.50 ea.$ 24.50 ea.$ 23.50 ea.

Barcode Heat Seal Tag

Synthetic thermal transfer tags are durable, long lasting, and resistant to abrasion, moisture, heat that can withstand heat up to 290 degrees, tearing, and chemicals for bulk orders of commercial Dry cleaning applications such uniforms or hotel house hold items as well. Permanent heat sealed barcode labels by OEM, provided for Arbelsoft.
25mm w x 9mm h. 3500 pcs/Roll. Compatible with Zebra TLP 2824
• Item No: HTAG

Barcode Tag

The special Nylon tags specifications are matches with synthetic thermal transfer tags for retail Dry cleaning applications for Garment Assembly System by OEM, provided for Arbelsoft.
3"w x 275'L 6600 pcs/Roll. 1/2"size tag. Compatible with Zebra GX430T.
• Item No: BTAG-2D

Zebra Black Wax Ribbon

Zebra 2100 High Performance is a resin enhanced wax ribbon that offers superior abrasion resistance compared to conventional wax products. It offers excellent print quality on normal and rotated bar codes on coated and uncoated papers. This wax ribbon is a UL Recognized and CSA Accepted Component.