Lavanderia Clasica

Van Nuys, CA

I have had the POS system for my laundromat since November 2015. So far the system is great, and a huge improvement from my old POS system. It does everything! Which I am so happy for and my employees like it too. Customers love that we can email them when their clothes are ready. The best part about my experience has been with Raul. He has been very supportive throughout the entire training process. I always have a lot of questions but he always answers everything and if he doesn't know the answer he finds out... I feel like he really wants me to succeed and cares about my business...

The Scrubbing Board

Everett, MA

Arbelsoft Team did a great job with the training for the new LaundroMax system. The initial training went very well and all subsequent phone calls have been answered immediately. We have appreciated the help from all the support staff.

Almir Guso, Europin Tailor And Alteration

Las vegas, NV

Hello there. Thank you so much for creating such a efficient product such is TailorMax. We are using it 4 years now and could not express more how happy we are. It satisfy all our needs running a Tailor Shop...

Mary Ann Goddard, Salem Street Laundry

Somerville, MA

We have been using Arbelsoft Laundromax and Cleanmax products for a few months and we are very pleased with the product. While looking for a product that would meet our needs, we were genuinely surprised to find one that actually did. But Arbelsoft's Laundromax and Cleanmax products seem to be created just for us. Wash/Dry/Fold service makes up a large part of our operation and with Laundromax we are able to track the costs associated with providing this service to our customers. We are able to exercise tighter control over our operating and labor costs. Through the use of Syncmax, we are able to monitor the stores remotely and can utilize the program's marketing features from our office. Our new customer reward program is getting off the ground and would not be possible without the tools that Laundromax / Cleanmax provides. We are truly amazed that one product can meet all our needs but it does all that and more!

Felicia & Chuck, Chucks Foot support

Fort Wayne, IN

The ShoeMax, Shoe Repair POS computer system, we feel it is the best thing we have done for the business in years!!! It organizes and tracks of orders to prevent mistakes. It helps customers trust us as a business and has eliminated sales tax, pre-pay, and deposit issues! For anyone thinking about purchases the system, we highly recommend it, and would be glad to talk to them!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

Masood, Final Stitch

Albuquerque, NM

I have been using Tailormax for the past three years. Tailormax is the ideal software for business owners. It's extremely efficient, easy to use and makes daily business operations smooth and seamless. I like the marketing features available on this program and use them weekly to contact customers and promote my business. In today's economy, it's very cost effective!
I highly recommend Tailormax for anyone wanting to increase their productivity and efficiency from day to day.

Sam, Lower East Side Laundromat

New York, NY

I opened up the new Laundromat store in Manhattan. The store also offers: Self service, WDF, and dry cleaning drop-off. I did research many POS software and end up purchasing the "Laundromax" from Arbelsoft. The software is very Easy to use. It provides the full / accurate control for dry cleaning and WDF Customers. The customer email feature: sending email when the order is ready, is one of the coolest feature for the customers. I am happy the I selected Laundromax.

Jeff, Cobblestone Shoe Repair

St. Louis, MO

I bought ShoeMax about 2 years ago after seeing it at the SSIA trade show. I should also mention that I had just bought another POS system a year prior to seeing ShoeMax. I was so impressed with ShoeMax that I bought it to replace my current system after only 1 year of use. The difference between the two systems is like night and day.
I find that I can check in a customer in about half the time of the other system and much faster than handwriting a ticket. When I put the shoe away, ShoeMax emails the customer to let them know their item is ready for pickup. ShoeMax can run any report you can imagine so you know exactly how your business is performing financially. You can use ShoeMax for marketing by mail or email.
I highly recommend ShoeMax for your business. It will become your favorite tool.

Dana, Huval's Boot & Shoe Repair

Crowley, LA

ShoeMax has offered us a benefit for our shops. This computer keeps track of everything, prints tickets for incoming repairs, prices, inventory and so much more. Running a shop as the only employee, it helps me know what is due each day. The best part, when racking your repairs it will e-mail your customer letting them know their work is ready. Dont wait, order yours today.

Robert, Santana Creative

Raleigh, NC

We are using Shoemax for our stores and repair center, with excellent results, we are cutting costs in all our departments, the system gives us invaluable information that we use in our decisions making, it's very intuitive and easy to understand, the technical support is the best, they are always ready when you need them, we are expanding now and we will definitely use ShoeMax for all our stores.

Jay, Monroe Laundry

Monroe, WA

A Point of Sale System is central to managing "the business". You need it to be simple but integrate controls for management of sales, customers and employees with all the reporting and audit tools these entail. After countless evaluations, our POS search drew us to Arbelsoft's Laundromax software. Flexibility, reliability and openness to new ideas sealed the deal. Laundromax is the Swiss Army Knife of this industry. If it could get any better, Arbelsoft would be doing it.

Todd, Park Shoe Repair

Wayne, MI

We love the ShoeMax system. It is by far the best money maker we have in the shop!!!! Customers love the ease of reading their tickets and everyone (4 employees) at the shop has found it much easier then trying to read a hand written ticket. I'd be more then happy to show it off to anyone thinking of getting one for their shop.

Igor, Make It Fit

Burnaby, BC

We have chosen TailorMax software POS system for our clothing alterations store for the flexibility, usability and great marketing features it provides to support our day-to-day operations. As a bonus, the product and technical support has exceeded our expectations. It is a great product with great value for our alterations business.

Michael, The Best Cleaners

Savannah, GA

We are in the process of upgrading all of our stores from an old POS system to Cleanmax. The difference between our old software and Cleanmax is like night and day. Our clerks easily learned the new system, which allows them to do things more quickly and stay more organized than with our old software. Cleanmax is extremely flexible; I can tailor it to fit my exact needs. I'm very happy with my decision to switch to Cleanmax.

David Mesquita, Leather SPA

Manhattan, NY

ShoeMax is the best thing I've created in my whole life. I currently use 14 units of SyncMax and Backoffice in conjunction with ShoeMax across my 4 store locations.

Gino, Hakky Shoe Repair

Indianapolis, IN

The ShoeMax POS computer system was one of the best investments I have made for my business. It was the perfect fit, and the versatility was unprecedented. From e-mailing my customer coupons and notifications to keeping track of retail sales and repair tems more efficiently - there is no better way than the ShoeMax way.

Ken, Wash-Land Village

Chesapeake, VA

I'd like to say how happy I am with LaundroMax so far. Thank you for creating such a great product. I have purchased 9 LaundroMax, Laundromat POS software systems since April 2008

Ted, Wash Bowl Cleaners

Charlotte, NC

I am very pleased with the rental plan contract I signed with Arbelsoft. Thus far, it has cut about $75.00 monthly in maintenance costs.

Henry, Keller Cleaners

Maitland, FL

Using the unique shoe repair software with the CleanMax software has generated additional income for my new store.

Troy, Penthouse Cleaner

Brooksville, FL

I fully trust the CleanMax and the Arbelsoft service team to take care of customer related concerns no matter what costs are involved.

Park, Vogue Cleaner

Empire, VA

I purchased the CleanMax dry cleaner pos computer via Google, and I have found it to be a truly wonderful addition to our business

Bill, Viking Cleaner

Garden Grobe, CA

The CleanMax dry cleaning pos software computer system has not caused me any problems for the past 4 years

Paul, Ormond Beach Cleaner

Ormond Beach, FL

The CleanMax Dry cleaner pos software & computer system has saved me the cost of the system itself after 6 months of using it

John, Frey's Cleaner

Yonkers, NY

The CleanMax Dry cleaning software is perfect for our retail and wholesale business

Joan, Cleaner 46

Sanford, FL

I've never used Dry cleaner pos software computer before, but now that I have CleanMax, I don't know how I had done it without CleanMax

Deatrice, Emerald Cleaner

Jersey City, NJ

I am one of the very first customers of the CleanMax Dry cleaning pos software computer since 2002, and I have found that the features are getting better and better and providing me with even more flexibility than before

Susan, Berkley Sutton Cleaner

New York, NY

The Caller ID feature of the CleanMax Dry cleaner pos software is very convenient during rush hour in Manhattan

Bill, Classic Tuxedo

Beverly, MA

The CleanMax dry cleaner pos software computer is perfect for our Hotel valet account because we no longer need any backup tickets

Joseph, JP's Cleaner

Omaha, NE

The CleanMax Dry cleaning pos computer software had the perfect amount of flexibility to match my business

Joe, Crowne Cleaner& Laundromat

Clifton, NJ

The LaundroMax laundromat computer has provided the perfect cash control for my Laundromat business, working smoothly throughout the numerous daily work shifts

James, Pure Cleaner

Mckinney, TX

The CleanMax Dry cleaner pos software computer has great features. It's error free and so user friendly

Soo, Willa Cleaner

Winter Spring, FL

I purchased CleanMax Dry cleaner pos software computer system without seeing the demo, I trusted their 20 years of experience in the industry, and I am happy that I have made that choice

Kimro, Andre's Cleaner

North Bend, WA

I found the CleanMax Dry Cleaning Computer software via Google and I have quite the affinity for all its features and services

Robert, Big B Cleaner

Bowling Green, KY

Our 6 stores have been connected to the Clean Max and SyncMax Dry cleaning software and has enabled us to manage our business much more efficiently

Jill, Liberty Cleaner

Wilmington, NC

My revenue has increased 20% thanks to the up charge feature of the CleanMax Dry cleaning software

Lee, New Wyoming Cleaner

Milburn, NJ

CleanMax is the perfect Dry cleaner software computer for our route double confirmation delivery service by Symbol PPT8800 & Zebra QL220. It has managed all invoice billing, auto batch credit card charges and payment applications

Jung, Heritage Cleaner

Franklyn, TN

All 7 of our stores are linked with the CleanMax and SyncMax Dry Cleaner pos software Computer. It's so convenient that the leisure to play more golf!

Paul, Careful Cleaner

Oakland, NJ

CleanMax is the best Dry cleaner software I have ever used.

Albert, DC Center

New York, NY

We love SyncMax plus replication. It's been the perfect solution for our 16 stores, and with multiple stations in each store, we are currently using a total of 45 units all around Manhattan with Dell PowerEdge server in our plant. I needed something that would let me track my business volume wherever I was. I'm so much more in tune with my daily business operations and have learned so much about how to become a better manager.

Linda, Moonlite Valet

Casselberry, FL

My life has been changed after being introduced to the CleanMax. We have a very complex 800 customer route service, and your program has helped our operations run perfectly! Billing and deliveries have gotten infinitely easier since we bought CleanMax. Thanks again!