SyncMax: Central operation for chain stores
The SyncMax software is ideal for the business owner operating large scale businesses with multiple store locations. The system is a perfect complement for CleanMax, LaundroMax, ShoeMax, and / or TailorMax and offers multi-store supervision and management capabilities by allowing communication between the headquarters and its satellite stores through messages, both general and specific. SyncMax also provides invaluable insight into the day to day occurrences within your business such as employee attendance, overdue tickets, tickets ready by that day, uncharged amounts, void tickets, credits issued, collective c.o.d. payment amounts, the pickup & delivery status, and the number of adjusted payments. Additionally, you can view the status of all sales and payments. All reports and statements can be gathered and printed out, and billing can be managed quickly and effectively through batch charge processing at the headquarters.
CleanMax Operation
  • Garment piece counting entry- Auto presser payroll
    If your employees get paid per pressed garment and you identify each of your employees by a system, such as with multi colored plastic rings hung onto the hanger as a way to count the total number of pressed garments per day for a given employee, payroll calculation and employee management has just gotten much easier because CleanMax provides an entry count feature for you to enter these amounts into the system daily. As an additional tip, you can even weigh all of the rings and divide by the weight of each ring as an easier way to count pressed items.
  • Overload Control
    When first using the system, you can enter the maximum number of garments you can have in your inventory at one time. Upon exceeding this maximum, CleanMax will alert you on the fact that you are exceeding your inventory capacity and prompt you as to whether or not you would still like to accept the garment.
  • Outsourcing Control
    Items such as rugs, carpets, leather & suede goods are oftentimes outsourced for more professional work. CleanMax creates reports of the cost of outsourcing, the price you charged, and the status of the item with specific dates and times, to facilitate payment control and to make all items more traceable.
  • Automatic Garment Sorting System
    CleanMax software is currently interfaced with the Metal Progetti automatic sorting system, so that computer can organize and keep record of all garments with a single scan of a barcode on heat sealed tag.
  • Garment Search
    The unique garment search function of CleanMax allows for easy traceability of all garments. For example, if a garment is floating around without a tag, and without an identity, you can search the system for the color and type of garment to greatly narrow down your search and identify your garment. This reduces time and money lost to misplacing garments, and preempts customer dissatisfaction.
  • Hotel Valet, Staff & Housekeeping Accounts
    CleanMax provides a hotel valet package including staff accounts, housekeeping items, and guest accounts which includes calculation of rebate to the hotel. All components of the package can be managed under one account with separate billing, and options for a consolidated and summarized report or separate reports for each component.
  • Corporate / Group Accounts
    For corporate accounts, CleanMax can issue statements including each individual employee name with their items so as to eliminate confusion and mix-ups. For backup purposes, you can also print out a simplified version of the original contents of the ticket.
  • Leather / Rug Wholesaler
    Leather and rug wholesalers can avoid the annoyance and time wasted entering everything into the program manually through the usage of WiFi or wireless technology and SyncMax, which allows for each wholesale agent to send data to the main computer via mobile computers which will then consolidate the data automatically. Further benefits of data consolidation are the simplification of the review process, the billing procedure, and facilitated traceability. Find out more by reading about SyncMax.
  • Insurance Restoration
    The general procedure for insurance restoration is identical to the process for leather and rug wholesalers. The only difference is that tickets can be issued on standard letter size paper, and simultaneously function as a statement for later review.
  • Drive Thru Operation
    CleanMax software is able to create weather proof bag tags with barcodes that you can provide to every one of your customers. Customers can then drop off their garments quickly and easily, and when the system is in drive thru mode, you can issue simplified ticket instantly in order to take care of customers rapidly, and save a sizeable amount of time.
ShoeMax Operation
Track employee efficiency by reviewing the level of progress achieved by each of your employees, view which specific tasks or jobs specific employees performed, and view lists of jobs to be performed which can be ranked according to priority levels. The screen is split into three job categories: repair, alteration, and cleaning. The yellow highlights indicate the specifics of the jobs to be done, so if both alteration and repair is highlighted, the tasks need to be carried out as shown. All of this can be seen quickly and at a glance. The screens are also resortable by header categories such as repairs, alteration, cleaning, ready date, drop date, ticket numbers, customer name, amount due, etc.
LaundroMax Operation
Based on how much an employee feels that he or she can accomplish during their work shift, they can select those tasks on the operation screen, and click "Process" in order to calculate operation costs.This figure functions as an allowance for the employee. For instance in the Coin Laundry System, in reference to the example picture on the left, the employee would be allowed $41.75 in change, whereas if your Laundromat operates with the Smart Card System, that amount would be downloaded onto the card. This way, you can practice efficient absent management. You can also view what percent of your revenue is comprised of expenses which can be a useful function for creating financial reports.
TailorMax Operation
Track employee efficiency by reviewing the level of progress achieved by each of your employees, view which specific tasks or jobs specific employees performed, rank your tasks by priority level, and check your pending tasks. The screens can be sorted by header categories such as the number of alteration jobs, ready date, drop date, ticket number, customer name, amount due, etc