LaundroMax Drop - Tickets issued promptly on the same screen

LaundroMax Drop Screen
LaundroMax Drop Screen
LaundroMax with CleanMax
LaundroMax with CleanMax

LaundroMax makes it easy and convenient for you to service your customers in an advanced and most efficient way with the Drop menu. Benefits and features, plus many more, are listed below for this particular option:

  • You can take customer’s drop off orders while simultaneously selling a range of related consumer goods such as Tide, Downy, Clorox, Cheer, Bounce, All, Gain and Oxy Clean etc.
  • The scale is interfaced with the computer. Once you click on the OK button, all data relative to drop-off laundry will automatically be entered into the system.
  • When using LaundroMax combined with CleanMax,the customers receipt will be consolidated as one ticket always, despite any additional options accompanying a customer’s order such as dry cleaning shirts or wash and fold.
  • Taxes, discounts, and adjusted prices can be easily processed
  • Coupons and tickets can be printed simultaneously
  • Items belonging to the same order can be sorted automatically
  • The pricing for any kind of item can be altered
  • Ready dates can be changed for storage purposes or for any other reason