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The POS hardware for our computer system shown below may look like typical hardware available at other markets but the difference with Arbelsoft is that we provide you with our risk free performance guarantee. This ensures that any down time is minimized and you don’t have to worry about being without your hardware for weeks or months like you would with a manufacturer’s warranty. Our performance guarantee means that before we ship out our hardware we test it to ensure it’s not dead on arrival. When you purchase with us you get a 1 year warranty from the purchase date, and free technical support for setup and even going as far as providing immediate replacement of the same type or model in case it malfunctions while under Arbelsoft’s warranty.

All in One Computer

Our All in One system consists of the following:
 – i5 Processor, 4 GB Ram, 64 GB SSD Drive, High Gloss Black
 – Integrated thermal invoice printer
 – Touch screen monitor
 – Integrated Magnetic Stripe Reader, Stylus Pen with Holder
 – POS Ready Windows 7
 – 1 year warranty
Please note: Extra peripherals and software are optional and final price will be adjusted.

Benefits of an All in One computer:
 – Minimal footprint
 – Reduced power consumption and heat generation
 – Ease of Use
 – Eliminates cable clutter
 – Attractiveness

Our All in One systems can be purchased as a standalone or along with the software rental starting $54 / month, or purchase for $2199.
Arbelsoft will also professionally install and test our program for all functionality and access for a fee of $450.
Prior to shipping all of our computers will be labeled with the appropriate logo of the program.