The design conception of our POS software was created by professionals for professionals in the dry cleaning, laundromat, tailoring, and shoe repair service industries.

Our programs are flexible enough to meet the complexities of your business, and have thus been created in 2 different versions: the standard and the full. The full version is most appropriate for business owners operating large scale enterprises that necessitate A/R functions and pickup and delivery demands of consumers, while the standard version is ideal for businesses catering to just walk in customers.

Arbelsoft offers 4 different software products and POS systems, CleanMax, LaundroMax, TailorMax, and ShoeMax. Arbelsoft programs feature intersoftware compatibility and can also be used with other Arbelsoft software products, such as using CleanMax with LaundroMax or pairing it with a supplemental program such as AssembleMax or SynchMax.

CleanMax | We understand Drycleaning

CleanMax has the capability for enabling the user to categorize garments precisely within a versatile and expandable drop screen interface. There are about 80 subcategories of dry cleaning garment types including household items, as well as over 32 categories, for upcharges like colors, pattern, texture, and fabrics, that the user is able to create over 2500 combinations, ensuring that you will be able to produce an accurate ticket for all customer garments.

In addition, our upcharge feature not only adds and subtracts to the price of the drop off order but can also apply additional charges as a percentage value of the standard price. No other software has the flexibility of an upcharge feature as CleanMax does, which guarantees that with our program, you will always be able to charge the correct amount for drop off orders and save money lost to misguided garment descriptions with general upcharges.

CleanMax can handle any tag system already in use, including the piece or lot system by 3, 4, 5 digit assignments. Our system is also designed for use in high volume dry cleaners where a tag printer is not a viable option.

AssembleMax | Automatic Garment System

In order to fulfill the increasing demand for automated dry cleaning processes, Arbelsoft has redesigned its garment sorting systems. AssembleMax offers great business flexibility, rapid processing, reduced sorting space, and an immense productivity boost, all at a very affordable price with a high return on investment. You will find that our garment sorting system will bring accuracy and oversight to your work process, and will improve the overall quality of your service with low lead times and rapid fulfillment of customer demand.

Other systems require a computer for conveyor rotation control but also requires an additional POS system that retains tags and ticket information. Arblesoft makes the extra POS system redundant by synching the two together into one device by controlling both the function conveyor and sorting with internal tag and ticket information stored within the POS system.

LaundroMax | The Ultimate Solution for Laundromats

The current state of laundromat oriented software is that it does not properly enable manager to exercise strong cash control. This is one of the key distinguishing features of LaundroMax, which has been specifically created to help manager maintain a firm control over cash inflows and outflows. Inventory as well as attendance, all while gaining the oversight and accountability to understand discrepancies that may arise from daily operations.

Various scales from Mettler Toledo, A & D, and Cas has been integrated for one button weight input, thereby eliminating any chance of human error. Furthermore, user can benefit our highly efficient management and operations management tools since the program offers the most expansive and versatile capabilities relative to any other dry cleaning interfaced software on the market.

For laundromats offering dry cleaning services, features of the CleanMax software may be incorporated into LaundroMax thereby eliminating the need for a separate software.

TailorMax | Confident Choice for Professionals

TailorMax is a POS system designed specifically for tailoring and alteration businesses. Much like our other products, features of CleanMax may be incorporated into TailorMax for businesses offering dry cleaning services as well.

TailorMax allows user to select garment type, indicates the tasks by using the 10 preloaded categories, including button, hem, lining, seam, sleeve...etc., lists various subcategories under each task specialization, and finally pricing by using the upcharge function, which takes into account the material, the silhouette, the details, and the complexity of the garment being handled. Users are also not limited by the categories and subcategories, as each menu is completely customizable.

ShoeMax | Only Exclusive POS System in the World

ShoeMax is the only exclusive shoe repair POS system in the world. ShoeMax has been redesigned with the extensive consulting advice of one of the busiest and most popular shoe repair experts with over 30 years in the business. Most of the current software on the market does not properly handle shoe repair services like our product can and we can state with confidence that we have launched a product that will expand the horizons of shoe repair service management software.

By incorporating an extremely flexible ticket generation menu allowing user to create the most accurate descriptions, orders can be defined and described according to job specification, color, material, and brand, as well as supplemented by additional notes and memos. Photos for evidence of the shoes initial condition, as well as printed disclaimer forms for the customer’s confirmation signature. ShoeMax also enables the user to receive the customers drop off orders while selling over 23000 items organized into 3 tiers on a single screen.

SyncMax | Multi-Store Management Solutions

The SyncMax software is ideal for the business owner operating large scale businesses with multiple store locations. The system is a perfect complement for any of our products, and offers multi-store supervision and management capabilities by allowing communication between the headquarters and its satellite stores through messages, both general and specific.

The system provides invaluable insight into the day to day occurrences within the business by providing information like employee attendance, overdue tickets, and tickets that are ready by that day, uncharged amounts, void tickets, and credits issued to name a few. All reports and statements can be gathered and printed out, and billing can be managed quickly and effectively through batch charge processing at the headquarters.

SyncMax uses real-time streaming for all data and information that passes through to the headquarters, hence empowering you with the ubiquitousness to effectively and collectively manage your business from one location, as geographically scattered as that may be.

Custom Website

Continuing our spirit of innovation, we understand the importance of having a web presence. With our custom integration, we are able to tie together the POS system with the website. This allows for your customers to create an account on your site, which is automatically registered into the POS system. Any customer with an account can view their order status, request a pickup or delivery, make payments, to name a few. By giving customers access to their own data, you’ll reduce the number of customer service calls as well.

Arbelsoft will also match your website’s theme, color scheme, logo and more to improve branding and customer loyalty. Should you not have a website, Arblelsoft is also able to custom create one with all the customer account features.

Custom LED Signs

We are offering a new state of the art LED technology that can bring your business exposure to a new level. The Diamond Snap Panel LED is not only ultra-thin, but also provides crisp, uniform lighting to really make your ad stand out from the rest. The modular design LED light box, which emanates with rich color and uniform brightness, can be customized for a wide variety of applications.

The LED panels are Eco friendly and use over 40% less energy than traditional light boxes, saving you money.

Online Demo

Our online demos provide video demonstration of the products offered by Arbelsoft. Each video provides a brief description of the features within our software and also a brief tutorial on how easy it is to use the software. Each menu option on the video will play an instructional video, or show a particular function of the software.