SyncMax, Multiple Store Supervision & Management Software

E xercising strong inventory and cash control are the greatest problems of the retail industry which can be attributed to a lack of management skills or simply a lack of the proper tools to implement strong management. SyncMax is the proper tool you need to solve these major issues and know and be able to track exactly what is going on within your business at all times. SyncMax is a synchronized data transfer system with real time data streaming via internet so that you can correct problems as they occur, and with 100% data consolidation and data replication, you can view stored data to review daily occurrences. The SyncMax software is ideal for the business owners operating large scale businesses with multiple store locations. The system is a perfect complement for CleanMax, LaundroMax, ShoeMax, and / or TailorMax and offers multi-store supervision and management capabilities by allowing communication between the headquarters and its satellite stores through messages, both general and specific. Companies with multiple sales agents in all different districts such as leather cleaning, or rug & carpet cleaning companies for example can especially benefit from the SyncMax capabilities because they can track and insert data continuously even as their employees are exiting and entering and making drop offs at all different times. Furthermore, it is greatly beneficial for large scale businesses with multiple satellite stores. SyncMax an asset, a valuable tool and a management solution for numerous demanding business situations.

The system promotes an effective business environment and provides invaluable insight into the day to day occurrences within your business such as employee attendance, overdue tickets, tickets ready by that day, uncharged amounts, void tickets, credits issued, collective c.o.d. payment amounts, the pickup & delivery status, and the number of adjusted payments. Additionally, you can view the status of all sales and payments. All reports and statements can be gathered and printed out, and billing can be managed quickly and effectively through batch charge processing at the headquarters.

The work in and work out features actively tracks the status and location of garments in order to prevent any missing or misplaced items. For instance, once a garment leaves or enters the main plant, a quick scan of the garment will alter the garment status for both those at the headquarters and the satellite stores to see. This creates a very tight and secure inventory control, saving a great deal of time, cutting management costs, and preempting customer dissatisfaction.

Exercising strong inventory and cash control are the greatest problems of the retail industry which can be attributed to a lack of management skills or simply a lack of the proper tools to implement strong management.

Recently, we modified "Back Office" which is a replication feature that safeguards and stores data from each of your satellite locations to a server computer, while solving the problems associated with large scale garment sorting of multiple locations. This replication feature requires the NSD feature, and a server class computer with MS SQL 2012. "Back Office" also offers full data consolidation, so that instead of looking at separate results, you can view sales reports and all other relevant financial data as a whole. Another benefit to our secondary backup feature is that it can quickly restore and recover data in case of a local store database failure or computer shutdown.

We understand that speed is crucial so as to ensure that your data backup can keep up with the rapid pace of scanning, and most importantly, keep pace with the flow of your business so that you can exercise strict oversight and highly efficient management. We have created Back Office to be a complement to SyncMax in order to make automatic garment sorting for multiple stores an extremely easy and manageable task. Back Office offers a quick tag recognition system, where all information is transferred to a single server database quickly. This allows for the system to rapidly process auto garment sorting recognition for all satellite locations, without compromising efficiency and speed no matter how many stores you may operate. Back Office also presents the data in a clear and concise manner with location specification and easy identification when referencing consolidated data at any time.

*Please Note: SyncMax must be used with static IP internet.

  • Key Points of Syncmax:
  • Centralized Inventory Management
  • Real time data streaming
  • Oversight from any location
  • Attendance & Payroll Control
  • Consolidated statements & Reports
  • Centralized customer care
  • Multiple Store Garment Sorting Automation
  • Remote access without interrupting local users in each of your satellite locations