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EMV Integration

Starting in October of 2015, EMV chip technology has become the global standard for credit card and debit card payments. Named after its original developers (Europay, MasterCard® and Visa®), this technology features payment instruments (cards, mobile phones, etc.) with embedded microprocessor chips that store and protect cardholder data. This standard has many names worldwide and may also be referred to as: “chip and PIN” or “chip and signature.” EMV (also referred to as chip-and-PIN, chip-and-signature, chip-and-choice, or generally as chip technology) is the most recent advancement in a global initiative to combat fraud and protect sensitive payment data in the card-present environment. Payment data is more secure on a chip-enabled payment card than on a magnetic stripe (magstripe) card, as the former supports dynamic authentication, while the latter does not (the data is static). Consequently, data from a traditional magstripe card can be easily copied (skimmed) with a simple and inexpensive card reading device – enabling criminals to reproduce counterfeit cards for use in both the retail and the CNP (Card not present) environment. Chip (EMV) technology is effective in combating counterfeit fraud with its dynamic authentication capabilities (dynamic values existing within the chip itself that, when verified by the point-of-sale device, ensure the authenticity of the card).

In addition to the reduction of fraud and related chargebacks, there are other cost savings associated with EMV acceptance. The payment brands are doing their part to ensure that chip-bearing customers can pay at chip-enabled businesses. For example, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express have all issued upcoming rules and guidelines for processors and merchants to support EMV chip technology. The Payment Brands have introduced programs that waive a merchant’s annual PCI-DSS audit if 75 percent of the respective payment brand specific transactions are processed through a dual contact and contactless EMV certified device.
Another Payment Brand ruling is the impending chip liability shift. Once this goes into effect, merchants who have not made the investment in chip-enabled technology may be held financially liable for card-present counterfeit and potentially lost and stolen fraud that could have been prevented with the use of a chip-enabled POS system.
Customers can rest assured that Arbelsoft is committed in keeping all of our clients up to date with current and future certifications and requirements.

Introducing QR Codes!

Arbelsoft does it again. Introducing two sought out features bringing the next evolution of Dry Cleaning, Laundromat, Tailoring, and Shoe Repair POS Systems. The QR Code provides your customers with real time access to their data. Instantly access, with no extra apps, uses your customer’s mobile browser. The QR code is automatically printed at the end of each ticket. Best part is you don’t need your own website! Offering the best flexibility, we also integrate with existing websites.
Speaking of websites, Arbelsoft now offers an integrated customer portal. Using our website integration service, your customers can create their own profiles and more. Allows for real time order history and updates. Request Pickup orders and view delivery status. They can also make payments online helping improve cash flow. By having a web and mobile presence both you and your customer save time by avoiding phone calls for basic information. Helping you realize more profits with less work.

New Chinese Version for All POS Products

Introducing the official Chinese Translation! Now available for all Arbelsoft products. We are excited to bring our Dry Cleaning, Laundromat, Tailoring, and Shoe Repair POS Systems to Chinese Speakers worldwide. It’s not just a simple translation either featuring 3 different Chinese keyboard styles to better serve our customers. Call us today for more information!

Microsoft Dropping All Support for Windows XP!

As of April 8th 2014, Microsoft has dropped all support for Windows XP. This means no Windows or Security Updates. If your POS is connected to the Internet or you Process Credit Cards, it is highly recommended that you update to Windows 7. If you do not update you will no longer be PCI Compliant. Click here for more information.

International Version

We are one step closer to providing a truly globalized product and service. The Spanish version is now available for purchase.
We have also revised our program for addresses and telephone number formats, currencies, and holiday conventions to match those of a set of 18 countries. For example, the holiday convention selector will automatically prevent ready dates from coinciding with local holidays. The currency selection also filters through to daily closing statements and payable amounts.

The countries are: Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, and China.

Garment Assembly Systems

CleanMax has redesigned its garment sorting systems. We introduce the system in three versions: SortMax, AssembleMax, and iSortmax. The three versions offer great business flexibility, rapid processing, reduced sorting space, and an immense productivity boost, all at a very affordable price with a high return on investment. See more details

Software Installation Service

Due to the high volume of inquiries regarding ranging from software installation, setup for peripherals and default customization such as multiple charges, promotional discounts or coupons, loyalty plans and employee attendance record entry system, integrated credit card processing from the customer, to already having hardware from a previous system but is looking to change their existing software- We offer an installation service that meets the same performance and standards as preparing a new system by a skilled expert from Arbelsoft via internet or locally. See more details

Back Office – Replication Feature

We have updated our “Back Office” function, which is a replication feature that safeguards and stores data from each of your satellite locations to a server computer, in order to solve the problems associated with large scale garment sorting of multiple locations. This replication feature requires the NSD (No System Down) feature, and a server class computer with MS SQL 2012. “Back Office” also offers full data consolidation, so that instead of looking at separate results, you can view sales reports and all other relevant financial data as a whole. Another benefit to our secondary backup feature is that it can quickly restore and recover data in case of a local store database failure or computer shutdown.

We understand that speed is crucial so as to ensure that your data backup can keep up with the rapid pace of scanning, and most importantly, keep pace with the flow of your business so that you can exercise strict oversight and highly efficient management. We have created “Back Office” to be a complement to SyncMax in order to make automatic garment sorting for multiple stores an extremely easy and manageable task. Back Office offers a quick tag recognition system, where all information is transferred to a single server database quickly. This allows for a secure storage of all business data and information such as tag information that transfers itself over to the server as they are scanned from various store locations. This allows for the system to rapidly process auto garment sorting recognition for all satellite locations, without compromising efficiency and speed no matter how many stores you may operate. Back Office also presents the data in a clear and concise manner with location specification and easy identification when referencing consolidated data at any time.

ShoeMax Revamped with the Consulting Advice of Carlos and David Mesquita

We have teamed with celebrated shoe doctors and the current owners of Leather Spa, Mr. Carlos and David Mesquita, in order to revamp and redesign ShoeMax with their extensive consulting and knowledgeable advice. The Mesquitas are shoe experts with over 30 years of industry experience. David Mesquita has been touted by Time Out New York as “the celebrated shoe doctor of choice to the rich and picky”, and is also possesses the business mind behind the successful enterprise plus, Leather Spa has been recognized in magazines such as Vogue, Allure, InStyle, and Glamour.

CleanMax Independent Garment Sorting Feature

In a world that tends towards automation, technological innovation cuts the costs of capital and labor. In November 2008, we have incorporated the latest technology to facilitate garment sorting through the introduction of an independent built-in garment sorting interface, that functions with or without a conveyor. The most fundamental aspect of garment sorting is garment identification, which can be established through a number of different methods such as with a permanent heat seal tag, a temporary barcode tag, or with RFID. From the most costly option, RFID, to the most economical choice of barcode tags, our additional garment sorting technology supports all methods and even recognizes tag numbers on barcode tags. To account for changes in CleanMax features, we have implemented our inventory with various types of heat seal tags, including Zebra Black Wax Ribbons, Resin Ribbons, Heat Seal Stickers, and Heat Seal Tags on a continuous roll, along with their respective compatible barcode printers.