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The POS hardware for our computer system shown below may look like typical hardware available at other markets but the difference with Arbelsoft is that we provide you with our risk free performance guarantee. This ensures that any down time is minimized and you don’t have to worry about being without your hardware for weeks or months like you would with a manufacturer’s warranty. Our performance guarantee means that before we ship out our hardware we test it to ensure it’s not dead on arrival. When you purchase with us you get a 1 year warranty from the purchase date, and free technical support for setup and even going as far as providing immediate replacement of the same type or model in case it malfunctions while under Arbelsoft’s warranty.

Motorola DS9208 Hands-free 1D/2D Omni Scanner

General purpose scanner delivers the blazing speed typical of laser scanners on both 1D and 2D barcodes, accommodating 2D barcodes without sacrificing scanning quality or performance. Users never need to take time to align the barcode with the scanner or pause between scans. UPC Code Scanner for shoe repairs or sales of Laundromat related consumer goods. Item No: MBAR-9208

Honeywell Voyager 1200G Scanner

High performance scanning with a more intuitive scanning system. Using Automatically activated laser when a barcode is presented, allowing the user to easily select the barcode. Perfect for menu scanning. Supports commonly used interfaces.
- Our Standard: USB Interface
• Item No: HV-1200G

Motorola DS3508, Rugged 1D/2D Imager Scanners

It is omni-directional digital scanners bring comprehensive, high-performance data capture to harsh industrial environments. Engineered with breakthrough digital imaging technology, this scanner family delivers extremely fast and accurate data capture of 1D/2D bar codes. Recommend for AssembleMax, garment assembly system's permanent heat seal and 2D barcode tags reading.
• Item No: MBAR-3508

Motorola LI4278, Rugged Imager Cordless Scanners

The 4278 takes 1D bar code scanning to the next level, allowing workers to scan faster and farther as they can capture virtually any 1D bar code. It offers cordless freedom with Bluetooth compatibility.
You can use it in dusty and wet environments and it can survive a 1.8 m drop.
Sales of consumer goods, Inventory and outbound delivery or ShoeMax , LaundroMax & CleanMax.
- Our Standard: USB Interface   • Item No: MOBAR-CDLES

Motorola/Symbol MT2000 Cordless Memory Scanner

The MT2000 cordless memory scanner offers the flexibility to key in and view captured data while scanning. Workers have the flexibility to collect data at any location, with real-time cabled or batch memory capabilities. This device comes pre-loaded with inventory application software. Ideal for scanning multiple outbound delivery confirmations simultaneously.
- Our Standard: USB Interface   • Item No: MBAR-MT2000