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The POS hardware for our computer system shown below may look like typical hardware available at other markets but the difference with Arbelsoft is that we provide you with our risk free performance guarantee. This ensures that any down time is minimized and you don’t have to worry about being without your hardware for weeks or months like you would with a manufacturer’s warranty. Our performance guarantee means that before we ship out our hardware we test it to ensure it’s not dead on arrival. When you purchase with us you get a 1 year warranty from the purchase date, and free technical support for setup and even going as far as providing immediate replacement of the same type or model in case it malfunctions while under Arbelsoft’s warranty.

DigitalPersona Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint reader quickly and automatically captures and encrypts the finger print image before verification. Passwords and password management are taken out of the hands of end-users, improving security, simplifying life for end-users and administrators. Ideal for keeping track of employee attendance control or for simplifying employee passwords in a second.   - Our Standard: USB Interface   • Item No: DFPR-4000

Logitech PC Camera

Higher image clarity in any light. Quality glass optics and superior VGA performance. Now with Right Light 2 Technology. Digital Zoom 5.0 Mega pixel Flat Panel Clip Included Intelligent Face-Tracking. Can capture up to 4 images each for all occasions for pick up & delivery.
- Our Standard: USB Interface   • Item No: LOG-CAM

Logic Controls Customer Pole Display

Logic Controls pole displays are widely known as the market leaders for PC-based POS systems. They have long set the standard for reliability, value and functionality - reasons why most value-added resellers ask for Logic Controls displays by name. It has 2 line by 20 character pole display with 9.5mm character height, bright vacuum fluorescent display, automatic message scrolling and "smart scrolling" and adjustable viewing angles.
- Our Standard: USB Interface   • Item No: LOG-POLE

Auto-Conveyor Controller

Designed for extremely easy integration and is compatible with any brand of carrier so that you may use your existing conveyor system. Even easier to use; automates the process of finding and classifying garments in your store. Fully integrates with CleanMax for far more efficient pick up process making your customers happy that they no longer have to wait. As simple as selecting the ticket and the conveyor will automatically pull the right garment! Our Conveyor Controller supports up to 4 conveyors simultaneously. Package consists of one Indicator(s)/Sensor(s), Commander, Power Supply, Hub, with all necessary cables and an installation manual. Installation cost is not included.