TailorMax Customer - Search for Customers in 6 Different Ways

Customer Search
Customer Search
Customer File
Customer File
Customer Screen
Customer Screen
  • Auto Recognition of All Customers
    Provides you with the name, phone number, account number, member ID, and pickup order number. The extended directory database function enables you to search for new customer information simply by phone number, allowing you to take care of customers rapidly. The system recognizes customers automatically regardless of what kind of related customer data you enter, whether it is an account number, phone number, last name, etc all without having to select a specific search category located at the top of the customer search page.
  • Customer Evaluation
    Customer Accounts (standard account, charge account, instant wholesale, doorman, hotel guest account, etc)
    Find out how much a given customer contributes to your monthly revenue and total revenue. View their average ticketing sum, the frequency of their visits, and the date of their initial and last visit, or rank them in comparison to other customers.
  • Customer Alert and Memo Functions
    Color changing alert tab to signify high priority messages and memos
  • Customer Transaction History
    • Payment
    • Ticket
    • Debit/Credit
    • Mileage or Referral Credit
    • Pickup order
  • Easy View of Ticket Status
    • Ready (Blue) / Not Ready (Black)
    • Partial pickup / location
    • Prepayment / Unpaid / Partial Payment / A/R
    • Pickup / Delivery
      and more…