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All about Renting and Financing


We offer a worry free Rental Plan on the CleanMax, LaundroMax, TailorMax and ShoeMax software with the Current Promotional Offerings detailed below.
POS System

All rental agreements for ArbelSoft products last for a fixed 48 month duration. Security deposit amount will be determined by the underwriter based on the applicant's FICO Score. Malfunctions with the system will be corrected during the term of rent. At the end of the 48 month rental period, the software and all related components are still the property of ArbelSoft and can either be returned or continued to be used or purchased at any time after deduction for depreciation.

  • Worry free POS rental plan saves $5,400.00 every 4 years!
  • Free Diamond edition support, maintenance free includes software updates and hardware replacement, $3750.00 value
  • Free data backup service via internet, $1680.00 Value


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All ArbelSoft software is available for rent. No Contract. Pay as you go basis.

  • Free trial software opportunity.
  • No excessive one-time licensing fee or update cost.
  • Free Software update; $400.00 value/Year.
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Installation Guide and User Manual downloads are available.
  • 120 instructive simulations included.
  • Online training is available upon request.
  • All price setup executed via price code within 10 seconds.
  • Free telephone technical assistance (up to 4 hours/year).
  • Unlimited e-mail support.
  • A 4 hour flat rate price of $450 for remote installation service is available.


If you are financing the software or the POS system, it will be your rightful property after 24 month term, based on which financing term you have contracted.

Once this decision has been made, you can select which specific products you would like to implement to the system to create yourself a personalized package.

Review your order carefully. However we review all of your orders in person so that if you have selected wrong or unnecessary products, we will be sure to advise & assist you in modifying your order.

Procedure Outline

If you are selecting a renting option, you must also submit an credit application form with all fields completed following the selection of your order.
A confirmation email will be sent to you upon receipt of your application and order.

Decisions for the selection of approved applicants are based on credit ratings.

Upon Approval

When applying online, a prepayment application fee of $150 will be charged to the credit card number you have provided. The prepayment application fee includes documentation costs and is used to pay off your UCC Filing Fee.

Once you receive a notification of approval from us via e-mail, you will see that a customer information set-up form has been attached. Also included in this e-mail is a list of things to prepare, such as a copy of your driver’s license, a copy of your business tax ID, etc., as we progress in the set-up process. The e-mail also contains the value of monthly installments. A quick response can save up to a week of time in beginning the physical set-up process.

Should you decline at this point, $30 will be reimbursed to your account within seven business days.

Following this step, you will receive a formal and binding agreement contract, which must be signed and notarized along with the required additional documents. These forms must be completed and returned to us promptly in the postage-paid return envelope we will include. That way, we can begin the physical set-up process as soon as possible!

Please note that if you do not return all necessary forms within 15 days, your application will automatically be canceled, and the $150 fee will become non-refundable.

Allow at least two business weeks for delivery. Please note that shipping and handling charges are not included in the price of your order and that we must receive a separate check made out to ArbelSoft for these expenses.

If Declined If your application has been declined, $100 will be reimbursed to your credit card account within seven business days.

Even if your initial application has been declined, there is still a chance for alternative plans and compromises, such as an increased down payment or an extra optional security deposit. If you would like further discussion in contracting with us, please get in touch with us.