Why Arbelsoft?


Maximize Profits & Minimize Risks

N o matter what brought you here, whether you stumbled on our website by chance, heard about our company from a friend, performed a Google search, the first thing on your mind is most likely, “Okay, what can this product do for me?” as your mind fills up with the anxious desire to nitpick through each of our product features and evaluate each one, hoping that you find enough features that address your needs, and trying to see if there is anything negative about our product that would prevent you from experiencing the deep hurt of being scammed or cheated or being left with an inferior product when you have given up your hard earned dollars. So of course we have included an endless amount of information on our website to prove to you that this is NOT the case and inform you about all the features our products offer, the specific functions of those features, the layout and appearance of our products, what software and hardware our systems include, and so much more. HOWEVER, we want to take you out of this mindset for a brief moment and remind you that our motto has been and always will be what we can do for YOU.

IMPREX-PRIME_Black_002Fundamentally, you came here because you needed some help in your business by finding a product that could match your needs. What we are telling you now is that we want to be there for you as much as we can! We have worked hard to create a product line that we are proud of because of our genuine desire to help your business and improve your bottom line. With over 3500 customers internationally, we ask that you have a little bit of faith and trust that somewhere in our product line, there is the perfect one for you! You can even request a Live Training Session on our website to see for yourself. But what is even more important than that is the fact that we will always be there for you to not only deliver a great product, but a great service.
While we have created and are still constantly innovating in order to provide you with the most secure, trustworthy, high quality product, and to prolong the longevity and boost the success of your business, life is very unexpected at times, and those unexpected times call for us to be there for all of our customers in need. For situations or difficulties that you may encounter as you learn to love the endless benefits of our products, we have included a vast amount of resources on our website in this easily accessible shared space, so that you can learn some things that could be useful to helping your situation. Each of our customers can create his or her own personal login and account, which makes it the easiest thing in the world to manage payments, update to our newest software version, and receive software upgrades, access informative documents, user manuals, software installation guides, and so much more! We have created our products with you in mind, and because of the love and appreciation we have for our customers, we would like to share all of this with you and continue to help you every step of the way.
After realizing the joy that we have brought to our customers, we have even extended our availability past our business hours for customers who have come across emergency situations, and nothing makes us happier than knowing that we have helped a customer that has sought out our help. We hope that you choose us because we truly care about the well being of your business. As you already know and we can all relate, the economic recession has made times very tough. Sales are probably nowhere near the volume that they used to be. Customers may not be showing their smiling faces at your stores like they used to. So all of those hard times may make you think that buying Arbelsoft products is an investment that you would like to make, but something that is too financially burdensome at the time. This is not true!

We have spoken with customers who may have even been skeptical at first, but have actually realized by analyzing past sales data and business data that Arbelsoft products have saved them both time and money, and have also made their businesses much more efficient than they used to be. We also offer our products at a cheaper price than most of our competitors so that it can be affordable to you, and offer a variety of payment options so that we can still bring you all of the benefits, without draining your pocket. Think about this investment now as not just another expense, and not just another bill you have to pay, but as a way to add value to your business and fundamentally strengthen the way your business operates, so that once our resilient economy picks back up, so will your business in a way you have never experienced before. We would hope that one day as you grow to love our product too, that you can share this love with others, and introduce to them the same benefits we will introduce to you! Our products are flexible enough to meet your needs, and so are we! Please feel free to open up to us and ask us anything you would like. NOW, feel free to explore!

ArbelSoft is An Industry Expert


Years of Experience

The design conception for our Dry cleaner, Shoe Repair Service, Laundromat & Tailoring Pos Software Computer Systems was created by industry professionals for industry professionals from businesses of all scales and magnitudes. Our experience of over 30 years has taught us some valuable lessons and industry insight that we have infused into the creation of our products. The Arbelsoft founder has successfully operated numerous dry cleaners in Manhattan and our team of technical and design experts continue to work hard on finessing our products so that they can be ideal for your business. Our ShoeMax software has also been redesigned and recreated under the extensive consulting advice of Carlos & David Mesquita who have had over 30 years of experience in the Shoe Repair industry and have been touted and recognized by Vogue, Allure, InStyle, Glamour & Time Out New York.

ArbelSoft Facilitates Business Management

ArbelSoft will facilitate the management of your business and improve the efficiency of your business operations by minimizing risk, cutting expenses, and saving time. Arbelsoft products are equipped with various mechanisms that empower you with strict oversight over cash flows, employee attendance & payroll control, job progress tracking, garment location tracking, to only name a few. Our products also offer integrated credit card processing for easy and automatic batch payment applications. By further implementing debit card processing, you can considerably lower your merchant processing costs as well. Currently, all U.S debit cards have been interfaced with our products. Canadian Debit Cards will be interfaced in the near future.

Consider the following non-exhaustive list business situations that our products can accommodate.

  • Wholesale
  • Hotel Valet
  • Drive Thru
  • Insurance Restoration
  • Route Delivery
  • 24/7 Remote Operation
  • Automatic Garment Sorting & Assembly (including for Multiple Stores)
  • Laundromats
  • Shoe Repair Services
  • Tailoring Services
  • Sales of Related Consumer Goods
  • Computer Crash Prevention
  • Employee Attendance & Payroll Control
  • Multiple Store Management
  • Data Security & Protection
  • Inventory Control
  • In & Out Process Control – Inventory Status & Location Tracking

ArbelSoft Products Span the Entire Industry

Our product line accomodates DryCleaners, Shoe Repair Services, Laundromats, and Tailoring Services available as software or POS computer packages complete with all necessary hardware that we assemble for you. Not only can you use these products exclusively, but if your business offers more than one of these services, you can benefit from the intercompatibility of our software to maximize your business efficiency. Each piece of software has 2 versions with interchangeable levels, which can also be used with SyncMax and Back Office, resulting in a total of over 30 variations of software products available for quick and easy purchasing online.

ArbelSoft Will Be Your Consultant: Minimize Your Business Risk

ArbelSoft products empower you with a strict oversight and accountability over cash flows, inventory flows, customer data, and enables for you to access valuable tools that can help serve as your own business consultant to diagnose problems and improve upon and expand your business. To name a few things, Arbelsoft products provide you with daily closing statements indicating negative or postiive cash flows and where these surpluses or deficiencies are coming from, an active tracking mechanism so that you can keep close tabs on your inventory at all times to prevent garment losses or misplacements, and credit card encryption to protect your customers even in the rare case of a database default. Futhermore, you can set limits and access rights for each of your employees to certain information as well as cash register access rights for each employees shift with our new dual cash register control mechanism.

ArbelSoft Understands Your Diverse Business Dynamics

ArbelSoft understands the diverse dynamics of your business. Our products provide an endless amount of customization, flexibility, and ease because we have created our software with you in mind, and we have ensured that our products will fit you and your business needs, no matter how diverse your business may be. For example, CleanMax boasts the flexibility to suit the needs of all sectors of the dry cleaning industry, and lets you choose a level that appropriately meets your business demands. While Level One of the software serves owners handling small scale businesses that maintain person to person interactions with walk-in customers, Level Three offers effective business management as well as remote management of satellite stores for those owning enterprises such as franchises with multiple computer networks within its multiple store locations.

ArbelSoft is Reliable and Durable

The software is a durable and reliable POS System powered by a sleek flat panel touch screen and based on Microsoft Windows and a SQL Database. Our products are compatible with Windows 7. The CleanMax Dry Cleaning software offers the security necessary to maintain a smooth operation of your business despite any adverse conditions that may arise. Arbelsoft does not compromise on quality, durability, reliability, and security when it comes to creating our products, and we don’t think you should either when deciding which software is right for you.

ArbelSoft is Constantly Innovating

We are constantly improving upon existing products, and we offer software updates, other relevant downloads and forms online so that all of our registered clients can share and enjoy what we have worked hard to create. Soon enough we will be accommodating Tailoring Services exclusively. We have recently teamed with celebrated shoe doctors Carlos & David Mesquita who have been touted by Time Out New York, Vogue, Allure, InStyle, and Glamour, in order to revamp ShoeMax under their expert consulting advice and guidance. We have also been working on foreign language versions including foreign currency accommodations and unit conversions so that we can meet the demands of our clients abroad.

ArbelSoft Offers Consumer Friendly Products

CleanMax is an advanced yet consumer friendly product that surpasses the capabilities of any other Dry Cleaning POS computer system currently available on the market. It is our job to provide you with the best service and make your job as easy as possible. We, the CleanMax representatives are proud to offer to you, a reliable and advanced product that gives you all necessary management capabilities, in order for a smooth and easy operation of your business.

  • Commercial POS hardware & Microsoft SQL with Windows 7
  • Integrated credit card charging system with automatic batch and payment application
  • Syncmax, is a real time communication management system that can manage multiple stores through the internet between the headquarters and its satellite stores, allowing access to tickets issued, local system edits, integrated monthly statements, time clock and payroll details, and ticket in and out controls of each of the satellite store locations
  • Remote Backup Hosting Service for a secure data storage
  • Caller ID: Automatically finds a customer when receiving a phone call
  • Auto Dialer: Automatically dials the designated customer’s phone number
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) System: A new technology which immediately reports any tickets that have been picked up without payments applied