Service Contract

Service Contract / Customer Care

Maintaining your POS system is our business, so that you may concentrate on your business!

Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. We have experienced a rapid growth in popularity due to customer referrals by those who were impressed with the quality, reliability, and promptness of our customer service. Customers refer CleanMax for Dry cleaning, LaundroMax for Laundromat, ShoeMax for Shoe Repair service, and TailorMax for Tailoring Service on our POS computer systems.

Initial Training

We provide 4 hours of free training with the renting or purchasing of our system. The customer may have an additional 4 hours training session if requested within 30 days of purchase.

Customer Care Guide

Customer Care Plan


  • Troubleshooting in case of technical difficulties via telephone or internet.
  • Free software update and hardware supports and repair or replacement.
  • Loan for major hardware, computer, monitor and printer is available for Gold or higher plans
  • 4 partial payment plan is available upon provided credit card or ACH e-check authorization.


  • Tech support covers all hardware provided by Arbelsoft, except for the replacement or repair costs of optional hardware.
  • All payments are non-refundable and the policy is non-transferable.
  • Shipping & handling cost is not included. Customer’s responsibility to cover all return shipping with insurance.
  • Silver Support Package only has basic and preliminary hardware support including things like assistance with driver installation and verifying port numbers. We do not provide extensive hardware support or trouble shooting, if you require it please get the Gold Package.
  • All clients with synchmax and / or Backoffice options, must purchase a separate corresponding plans for support.
  • Support is available for optional items such as Scales, Scanners, Tag Printers and more.
    Please contact us for more information on protecting those investments. 877-939-1212