Prices | SyncMax


SyncMax Software | $600/Location
  • Ideal for large scale businesses with 1+ satellite locations
  • Enjoy real time data streaming
  • 100% data consolidation
  • View status of sales and payments of each individual satellite location, track employee attendance & the location of garments.
  • Exercise extremely secure inventory control to minimize business risk.
  • Access each satellite location remotely without interrupting local users.
  • Note that SyncMax is an add on software that is only functional when combined with any other Arbelsoft product.
  • High Speed Internet and Static IP address are necessary


Back Office Plus SyncMax | $2,100/Location
  • Consolidated Reports and statements
  • Data Back Up for satellite stores
  • Garment sorting automation

“Back Office” is a replication feature that complements SyncMax and serves to transfer, safeguard and store data from each of your satellite locations to a server computer, while allowing for you to overstep the difficulties associated with large scale garment sorting of multiple locations. “Back Office” also offers full data consolidation, data recovery and restoration, and data transfer for quick tag recognition and rapid automatic garment sorting processing for all of your all satellite locations.
This replication feature requires a server class, the NSD feature, and SyncMax.
Hardware requirements: Dell Precision T3400 equivalent or higher (Work Station Level Computer) & MS SQL 2012 Standard Edition for Main & each Satellite Store.