CleanMax | Main Screen

CleanMax Main - Quick Access to All Major Functions

Level III
Level III
Level I
Level I
  • Access major functions directly from the main screen
  • Access current business status at a glance with the option of viewing a detailed transactions report
    • Hold & Quick Drop
    • No Charge / Do Over / Void Ticket
    • Credit List (Customer Name, Reason, etc)
    • Adjusted Payment (Customer Name, Reason, etc
    • Tickets Not Ready
    • Ready / Rush by Today
    • Delivery List
    • Graphs of sales, sales comparison, summary, etc.
    • Search for customer’s orders, payment history, ticket list, etc.
    • Summary of sales, ticket pieces, etc.
    • Schedule an important memo at a certain time within the system by reminder indicator
    • Send and receive message to a specific location or all satellite locations via SyncMax
    • Open the cash drawer with one touch
    • Quick Access to ticket search, racking, tagging, and delivery assignment
    • Access marketing option to print or send coupons and brochures
    • User manual and integrated video simulations available on Help option
  • Search through individual or all accounts for detailed ticket information
  • Help & Simulated Instructions available in 3 different languages (English, Korean, Spanish)
  • Employee Attendance Management & Automatic Payroll Calculation
  • Many other options and features available on the Main screen
  • See a brief introduction on the features and options available on our Main screen by viewing our online demo