LaundroMax QR Code - The QR Code Provides Real Time Updates to Your Customers!

Arbelsoft continues to push innovation and strives to match advances in technology to provide the absolute best Point of Sale system in the world. Today, our phones are for more than just making calls, now we use it to manage our daily lives and for staying connected. Arbelsoft has integrated a QR Code feature. It gives anyone with a mobile web browser, from an iPhone, or Android devices to check on the status of their order. The mobile integration is currently available in our suite of POS Products. With the QR code printed on the customer’s receipt, they can see up to the minute status updates on their order! Not only did we innovate years ago with automatic emailing when orders are ready, we know that today, that’s not enough. The QR code allows your customers to manage their orders, and see where in the process their tickets are. Saving time and hassle of having to call the store or showing up before the order is ready. Arbelsoft is releasing this revolutionary feature at only $22 per month. There is no additional setup; everything is hosted on our servers, saving you even more time and money!

QR Code Feature Recap:

  • Works on most mobile browsers including: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and more!
  • Automatically printed on each receipt
  • Customized and Theme to match your brand, logo, and business styles
  • Complete Order History
  • Real Time Updates
  • No Apps to Download or Install! Works instantly!
  • No website needed!
  • Requires automatic monthly payments only $22 / month!
  • Call us with your questions: 877-970-1212

Sample Ticket

  • QR Code printed at bottom of each ticket

Main Page / Order Status

  • Quick Glance of Order Status
  • See if it’s In Process, Ready or has already been Picked Up
  • Itemized with price
  • Order total


  • Easy Access to all other Features
  • Simple to switch screens

Order History / Invoices

  • Instantly see Order History
  • Click on any order to view its ticket!

View Mileage Credits

  • Mileage Credits are promotional credits that build brand loyalty
  • Easily Access Available Credits for FuturePurchases
  • Real-Time Updates