CleanMax Drop - Tickets Issued Promptly on the Same Screen

CleanMax Drop Screen
CleanMax Drop Screen
Simple Alteration
Simple Alteration
Exclusive Alteration
Exclusive Alteration
  • CleanMax is the only system on which tickets with garment type, color & patterns (up to 24 colors & 8 patterns), upcharge, press only, and alteration options can be simultaneously processed and issued on the same screen without navigating between screens.
  • Despite additional options such as dry cleaning shirts, or wash and fold, the customer receipt will be consolidated as one clean ticket always.
  • Captures up to 4 photos, showing detailed images of a garment with the exact time and date as indicated by the PC Camera.
    • By Brand: Brooks Brothers, Gap, Gucci…
    • By Status: Broken button, Discolored…
    • By Care: Special Care, Hand Cleaning…
    • By Request: Bleach, Weaving…
  • Taxes, discounts, and adjusted prices can be easily processed
  • Quote Account – make price estimations for new customers without having to create extraneous customer accounts in the case that the customer declines the projected price. However once the customer accepts, the account can thereafter be created with all quote details automatically transferred over into the newly created account.
  • Coupons and tickets can be printed simultaneously
  • Items belonging to the same order can be sorted automatically
  • The pricing for any kind of item can be altered
  • Ready dates can be changed for storage purposes or for any other reason
  • Disclaimers or release forms can be printed along with the ticket when necessary
  • Tag numbers which are automatically assigned via the computer, can be printed out. This procedure prevents garments from becoming lost. Regardless of whether or not you have a tag printer, our system supports and accommodates for both situations.
  • Different colored tags can be used to mark the days of the week.