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monitor_arbel2A rbelSoft, Inc. is a New Jersey based segment of the Dry Cleaning industry specializing in Dry Cleaners, Laundromats, Shoe Repair Services and Tailoring & Alteration software, and providing POS Computer Systems and solutions to industry professionals all over. Lead by John Parker, the founder of ArbelSoft and the president of numerous satellite stores in Manhattan New York, we have collaborated together and channeled our expertise from over 30 years of experience in the industry into the production of CleanMax and SyncMax, which were first introduced to the market in 2002. The driving force behind the creation of our software was to establish a consumer friendly product with the most advanced features. What followed was an initial draft for the software design consisting of more than 2100 pages of intricate notes.

ArbelSoft has pioneered the way in introducing a POS computer system with all supervision and management capabilities, including the ability to issue a consolidated statement, a credit card batch charge, an automatic payment application, an employee attendance and payroll control, and specific inventory and cash control application. With fast ticketing and precise descriptions, SyncMax and CleanMax are both convenient and sophisticated products. We also value the security of your computer and have accounted for this in our software with a Cleanmax only option, blocking access to Windows and the Internet in order to eliminate the risk of viruses. Our software boasts an incomparable degree of customization for all business sectors. Whether you are a wholesaler, a Laundromat operator, a plant with numerous sales agents, a drop store only requiring a single computer unit, or a franchise managing multiple dry cleaners, SyncMax and CleanMax have the flexibility and reliability to meet your specific demands, all at an affordable price.

The ArbelSoft spirit is one that continues to strive for perfection. We are constantly working on further developments and improvements in our products through the utilization and assimilation of new technology and advanced equipment. We have also furthered our product line with two other softwares, called Laundromax for Laundromats and Shoemax for shoe repairs. Our new products can be used on its own, or as a combination of any of the three. For your aesthetic pleasure, we have customized our products even more with the addition of a selection of 18 different color-schemes from which you can personalize the appearance settings to match your preferences. In the very near feature, our product will even provide multiple languages supports so that our consumers can utilize our product at ease in a language with which they are most familiar.

Our goal at ArbelSoft is to become the world leader in POS retail software through our commitment to excellence and our dedication to improve and facilitate the management of your business. That is our continuing mission here at ArbelSoft and soon to be realized as your reality.

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CEO John Parker has been a

  • Member of the NIE Insurance Advisory Committee since 2004,
  • Certified Environmental DryCleaner &
  • Certified Professional DryCleaner since 1999