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ArbelSoft offers 4 different software products and POS systems, which are as follows: CleanMax, ShoeMax, LaundroMax, TailorMax.
Additional supplemental programs include SyncMax, for multiple store management, BackupMax, SoundMax, and AssembleMax.
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In order to properly setup the software, please briefly describe your business such as Dry Cleaning, Laundromat, Shoe Repair and Tailoring & Alteration, including whether or not you’re operating multiple stores. Schedule an appointment for a Live Demo via to learn and see more about our product.

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Arbelsoft has established itself as a leading software firm specializing in the creation, distribution, and installation of POS Computer System packages and software that have been exclusively created for facilitating the operational management of drycleaning, shoe repair services, Laundromats and Tailoring businesses.

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  • My life has been changed after being introduced to the CleanMax. We have a very complex 800 customer route service, and your program has helped our operations run perfectly! Billing and deliveries have gotten infinitely easier since we bought CleanMax. Thanks again!
    Linda, Moonlite Valet
    Casselberry, FL
  • CleanMax is the best Dry cleaner software I have ever used.
    Paul, Careful Cleaner
    Oakland, NJ
  • All 7 of our stores are linked with the CleanMax and SyncMax Dry Cleaner pos software Computer. It's so convenient that the leisure to play more golf!
    Jung, Heritage Cleaner
    Franklyn, TN
  • CleanMax is the perfect Dry cleaner software computer for our route double confirmation delivery service by Symbol PPT8800 & Zebra QL220. It has managed all invoice billing, auto batch credit card charges and payment applications
    Lee, New Wyoming Cleaner
    Milburn, NJ
  • My revenue has increased 20% thanks to the up charge feature of the CleanMax Dry cleaning software
    Jill, Liberty Cleaner
    Wilmington, NC
  • Our 6 stores have been connected to the CleanMax and SyncMax Dry cleaning software and has enabled us to manage our business much more efficiently
    Robert, Big B Cleaner
    Bowling Green, KY
  • I found the CleanMax Dry Cleaning Computer software via Google and I have quite the affinity for all its features and services
    Kimro, Andre's Cleaner
    North Bend, WA
  • I purchased CleanMax Dry cleaner pos software computer system without seeing the demo, I trusted their 20 years of experience in the industry, and I am happy that I have made that choice
    Soo, Willa Cleaner
    Winter Spring, FL
  • The CleanMax Dry cleaner pos software computer has great features. It's error free and so user friendly
    James, Pure Cleaner
    Mckinney, TX
  • The LaundroMax laundromat computer has provided the perfect cash control for my Laundromat business, working smoothly throughout the numerous daily work shifts
    Joe, Crowne Cleaner& Laundromat
    Clifton, NJ
  • The CleanMax Dry cleaning pos computer software had the perfect amount of flexibility to match my business
    Joseph, JP's Cleaner
    Omaha, NE
  • The CleanMax dry cleaner pos software computer is perfect for our Hotel valet account because we no longer need any backup tickets
    Bill, Classic Tuxedo
    Beverly, MA
  • The Caller ID feature of the CleanMax Dry cleaner pos software is very convenient during rush hour in Manhattan
    Susan, Berkley Sutton Cleaner
    New York, NY
  • I am one of the very first customers of the CleanMax Dry cleaning pos software computer since 2002, and I have found that the features are getting better and better and providing me with even more flexibility than before
    Deatrice, Emerald Cleaner
    Jersey City, NJ
  • I've never used Dry cleaner pos software computer before, but now that I have CleanMax, I don't know how I had done it without CleanMax
    Joan, Cleaner 46
    Sanford, FL
  • The CleanMax Dry cleaning software is perfect for our retail and wholesale business
    John, Frey's Cleaner
    Yonkers, NY
  • The CleanMax Dry cleaner pos software & computer system has saved me the cost of the system itself after 6 months of using it
    Paul, Ormond Beach Cleaner
    Ormond Beach, FL
  • The CleanMax dry cleaning POS software computer system has not caused me any problems for the past 4 years
    Bill, Viking Cleaner
    Garden Grobe, CA
  • I purchased the CleanMax dry cleaner pos computer via Google, and I have found it to be a truly wonderful addition to our business
    Park, Vogue Cleaner
    Empire, VA
  • I fully trust the CleanMax and the Arbelsoft service team to take care of customer related concerns no matter what costs are involved.
    Troy, Penthouse Cleaner
    Brooksville, FL
  • Using the unique shoe repair software with the CleanMax software has generated additional income for my new store.
    Henry, Keller Cleaners
    Maitland, FL
  • I am very pleased with the rental plan contract I signed with Arbelsoft. Thus far, it has cut about $75.00 monthly in maintenance costs.
    Ted, Wash Bowl Cleaners
    Charlotte, NC
  • I'd like to say how happy I am with LaundroMax so far. Thank you for creating such a great product. I have purchased 9 LaundroMax, Laundromat POS software systems since April 2008
    Ken, Wash-Land Village
    Chesapeake, VA
  • ShoeMax is the best thing I've created in my whole life. I currently use 14 units of SyncMax and Backoffice in conjunction with ShoeMax across my 4 store locations.
    David Mesquita, Leather SPA
    Manhattan, NY
  • Hello there. Thank you so much for creating such a efficient product such is TailorMax. We are using it 4 years now and could not express more how happy we are. It satisfy all our needs running a Tailor Shop...
    Almir Guso, Europin Tailor And Alteration
    Las vegas, NV
  • Arbelsoft Team did a great job with the training for the new LaundroMax system. The initial training went very well and all subsequent phone calls have been answered immediately. We have appreciated the help from all the support staff.
    The Scrubbing Board
    Everett, MA