TailorMax, Tailoring & Alteration Software

T ailorMax is a POS Computer System designed specifically for Tailoring & Alteration businesses. You can also take advantage of Arbelsoft's intersoftware compatibility so that if your business offers both dry cleaning and tailoring & alteration services. For example, you can use TailorMax in conjunction with CleanMax to accommodate all offered services. What differentiates TailorMax from CleanMax is the extremely specialized nature of alteration categories. TailorMax is constructed in 4 tiers that allows you to really hone in on the details of each task you undertake, providing clear direction, enabling quick selection, and facilitating your work process.

The 1st tier allows for you to select the garment type. The 2nd tier indicates the task specialization with 10 preloaded categories, including Buttom, Hem, Lining, Seam, Sleeve, Tape, Waist, etc. which can be expanded to an unlimited number of specializations. The 3rd tier lists various subcategories under each task specialization which can be expanded without limit. Finally, the 4th tier is an upcharge function which takes into consideration the material, the silhouette, the details, and the complexities of the garment being handled.

TailorMax has an operations feature that allows for employees to leave a record of tasks they have completed on the system for easy tracing and accountability for future reference. In order to record a task completion, your employee can simply scan the ticket or type in the ticket number, which will associate task completion with the employee who scanned it through. Once the job completion has been recorded, when the completed ticket is scanned or entered, you will be able to see which employee performed the task, along with a time stamp and date of task completion.

In addition, a unique feature of TailorMax is that it enables you to receive the customers drop off order while selling a variety of consumer goods. In the case that a customer only wishes to buy some consumer goods, you can apply charges for those items by scanning the UPC or SKU code with an omni directional barcode scanner or simply by selecting the corresponding button for the item on the computer screen which holds enough space to store up to 312 different kinds of consumer goods on a single screen. However our program can accommodate an unlimited number of pages, allowing for you to support a vast variety of consumer goods and placing no restraints on your inventory capacity.

We designed TailorMax to ensure that you have a great deal of freedom, flexibility, and ease of use. While you can manage countless numbers of details and functions on a single screen, you can also create an unlimited number of details for each of the main task specializations and alter prices freely according to the particulars of your business. TailorMax is equipped with unlimited flexibility so as to ensure that the software can accommodate your business needs.

Another unique feature is called the "Quote Account," which allows you to make price estimations for new customers without having to create extraneous customer accounts in circumstances that the customer declines the estimated price. However, once the customer accepts the price, the account can thereafter be created, and all quote details that have been entered into the system will automatically be transferred over to the newly created account.

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