Advanced Features

Advanced Features
No System Down (NSD)
A majority of computer crashes are due to problems with the operating system. Other computer systems use a safety mechanism in which one of two computers functions as the server and the other as the client, upon which if there is an issue with one, the other has a backup. However, No System Down is even more advanced in that it applies even if there is a single computer unit, where the primary unit can function as the secondary operating system in case of database malfunctions. This maintains a smooth operation at all times, and prevents computer issues from interrupting the flow of business.
Caller ID feature
Upon 2 rings, the CleanMax CallerID will appear as a pop up on the screen indicating the customer name and several different categories such as pick up, delivery, other, etc so that you can quickly categorize and save the reason for the customer's call with a one touch button as a message. The message button will also turn yellow as a reminder of tasks or requests to be fulfilled. You must contact your local telephone service to add in a Caller ID function in order for our Caller ID feature to be compatible.
PC Camera
Higher image clarity in any light. Quality glass optics and superior VGA performance. Now with Right Light 2 Technology. Digital Zoom 1.3 Mega pixel Flat Panel Clip Included Intelligent Face-Tracking. Can capture up to 4 images each for all occasions for pick up & delivery.
Finger print reader
Fingerprint reader quickly and automatically captures and encrypts the finger print Image before verification. Passwords and password management are taken out of the hands of end-users, improving security, simplifying life for end-users and administrators. Ideal for keeping track of employee attendance and time clocks, or for simplifying employee passwords.
Automatic conveyor control
The conveyor controller is interfaced with the CleanMax computer system. So upon scanning the customer ticket, the account information and rack assignment number will automatically open, and the conveyor will automatically stop at the customer's garments for easy location. In order for you to use this feature, you must do a rack assignment beforehand.
Automatic garment sorting system
The CleanMax computer system recognizes all barcode tags attached to garments on and automatically sorts all garment to its proper ticket. The sorting system greatly saves time and manpower, and prevents garments from being mixed up or misplaced. The system capacity is adaptable to all business requirements. Our system is currently completely interfaced with Metal Progetti. We are in the process of interfacing our program with White Conveyors and HMC Solutions.