All Packages (Price Overview)

Please take a moment to review the products and choose the system that is right for you. If you have questions or need help with our system, please feel free to contact Arblesoft and someone can guide you through the process.

price_mainAll Arbelsoft systems are offered in the standard and full versions, with package options ranging from All in One systems, new component systems, and refurbished systems.

Optional hardware and or software may be added after selecting your choice below. New packages start at just $3750, and for rentals, prices start for as low as $130 per month.

When used in conjunction with SynchMax, the program allows for remote multi store management.

All packages and software may be purchased or rented. For details on purchase option, please see the purchase options below.


All packages include the following standard hardware:

  • Software (Standard or Full)
  • All in One Computer, i5 8th Gen, Quad Core, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SDD
  • Posiflex Cash Drawer
  • 15" Capacitive Touch Monitor with a stylus.
  • Directory Database and Initial Customized Pricing Setup
  • User Manual, Maintenance Guide, and Help / Video Simulation
  • One year warranty for Hardware and Software Update
  • Online training available upon request for new purchases and rentals
  • Free remote backup service for Rentals, a value of $1440

Standard Version: Ideal for business owners interacting with walk-in customers.

Full Version: Offers the full capabilities of our product. The version supports pickup and delivery, issues account receivable statements, and allow for batch credit card charging and payments through integrated credit card processing.


Dry Cleaning POS system created by industry professionals for industry professionals. By using over 32 categories and 80 subcategories, the user is able to create the most accurate ticket for dropped off garments. By using the touch screen monitor, ticket creation is a simple and quick process.


LaundroMax can be used independently or in combination with CleanMax. This program can simultaneously receive a customer’s orders while selling common related consumer goods such as laundry detergent or softener. These sales can also be made on their own based on what the customer needs. An intergaced scale weighs, enters data, and computers expenses automatically. LaundroMax can also be used with CCI (optional feature) and SynchMax for multiple store management.


TailorMax is a POS computer system designed specifically for tailoring and alteration businesses. You can also take advantage of Arelsofts intersoftware compatibility so that if your business offers bth dry cleaning and tailoring and alteration services, you can use TailorMax in conjunction with CleanMax to accommodate offered dry cleaning services.


ShoeMax is a program developed exclusively for shoe repair services. You can issue tickets automatically, and with the unique ShoeMax tagging system which prints out a pair of easily removable barcode stickers with the specific job details, it can be placed on the shoe temporarily as an identifier as to whom the shoes belong to as well as a clear marker denoting pending tasks. Additionally, up to 23750 related products such as shoe was, laces, ... etc, can be entered into the system and sold at your store.

Garment Assembly Systems

Arbelsoft has developed supplementary garment assembly systems which offers great business flexibility, rapid processing, reduced sorting space, and an immense productivity boost, all at a very affordable price with a high return on investment. You will find that our garment sorting system will bring accuracy and oversight to your work process, and will improve the overall quality of your service with low lead times and rapid fulfillment of customer demand.


The SyncMax software is ideal for the business owner operating large scale businesses with multiple store locations. The system is a perfect complement for any of our products, and offers multi-store supervision and management capabilities by allowing communication between the headquarters and its satellite stores through messages, both general and specific Software.


Barcode printers, cash drawers, printers, scales, and scanners, all replacement hardware are available with our risk free performance guarantee. This ensures that any down time is minimized and you don’t have to worry about being without your hardware for weeks or months like you would with a manufactures warranty.


Customers who already have an existing computer they wish to use, may opt to purchase or rent, on a no contract, pay as you go basis. Software renters will receive free updates, as well as unlimited email support.


Printer ribbons, laminated bag tag, barcode stickers, and heat seal tags. Insure quick processing and delivery by ordering supplies from Arbelsoft.

Purchase Plans

Customers have the option to rent or purchase our package systems or software. Terms and conditions differ for each plan, so please take a moment to look into each terms and conditions

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