Products Guide

Products Guide

Y ou may noticed that our e-commerce based web site has over 210 pages since we have created each outstanding piece of software which has interfaced various optional hardware related to garment cleaning and shoe repair industries however we are realizing that most of our customers still do not understand which optional hardware would properly match his or her business situation for more efficiency and to reduce extra efforts and costs of daily operation and management.

For example, a Cordless barcode scanner is a necessary item to find retail sales items immediately for shoe repair among few hundred or even thousands of inventory and the Finger print reader is for employee attendance and payroll control for when there are many employee shifts of Laundromat but some customers were still looking for only basic package because of budget. We urge you to consider the phrase “Do not sacrifice quality for the price” which saves unnecessary time just like a navigation system of a car.

The guided chart below is preliminary information to help you understand our system promptly with all Arbelsoft software, versions and matched optional hardware.

Two versions, the Standard version is for business owners interacting with walk-in customers only and the Full version offers pickup and delivery service features as well as processing and billing accounts receivables.

Software such as CleanMax for Dry Cleaning, Laundromax for Laundromat, Shoemax for Shoe Repair Service and Tailormax for Tailoring & Alteration Service and Syncmax for multiple store management and supervision solution software can be combined with any one of above software.