ShoeMax, Shoe Repair Service Software

S hoeMax, is the only exclusive Shoe Repair Service POS System in the world. ShoeMax has been redesigned with the extensive consulting advice of one of the busiest and most popular shoe repair experts with over 30 years of industry experience, Carlos and David Mesquita who are the current owners of Leather Spa.

David Mesquita has been touted by "the celebrated shoe doctor of choice to the rich and picky," by Time Out New York and is the business mind behind the successful enterprise "Leather Spa," which has been recognized in magazines such as Vogue, Allure, InStyle, Glamour. Together we worked to create the most exclusive Shoe Repair Service POS system on the market today.

Most of the current software on the market does not properly handle Shoe Repair services like our product can and we can say with confidence that we have launched a product that will expand the horizons of Shoe Repair Service management software today. ShoeMax brings business owners the ability to gain oversight, reduce necessary manpower, save time and cost, but most importantly, manage their operations more efficiently.

ShoeMax has the unique capability to accommodate a diverse range and size of businesses including suppliers, wholesalers, shoe makers, and individual / multi-unit retailers. The flexible and easy to use interface can handle an unlimited quantity of merchandise types & attributes, each of which can be organized neatly into tiers and sub-categories.

For example, you can choose the category -- Dye, and sort by brands, and then sort by colors. In the case that a customer only wishes to buy some consumer goods, you can apply charges for those items by scanning the UPC or SKU code with an omni directional barcode scanner or simply by selecting the corresponding button for the item on the computer screen. This allows you to offer a variety of consumer goods and places no restraints on your inventory capacity in terms of system inputs.

The ShoeMax system also automatically sends electronic invoices and statements to the user's end customers and enables payment collection via ACH or an e-check process.

The ticket generation interface is extremely flexible and allows for users to create the most accurate descriptions. Orders can be defined and described according to job specification, colors, materials, and brands, as well as supplemented by additional notes and memos, photos for evidence of the shoes' initial condition, as well as printed disclaimer forms for the customer's confirmatory signature.

The job progress tracker which lists all pending tasks is split into four job categories: Repair, Shine, Alteration, and Cleaning. These categories are symbolized by an "R," "S," "A," and "C," and appear on an easily removable and non-damaging pair of barcode sticker identification tags - one for each shoe - which are printed out simultaneously with the invoice ticket. Not only do these tags provide clear direction to your employees about the nature of the task at hand, but they are crucial for facilitating inventory tracking and viewing the status of the work-in- progress.

Recently we have streamlined two additional styles of ShoeMax tags to offer the most comprehensive range for your business. They can be printed simultaneously with the invoice ticket or reprinted at any time. Click here for more info.

After your employee takes care of the repair aspect of the job, he or she can scan the sticker to let the system know that he has finished his portion. Let's say the heels get passed on to another employee who specializes in cleaning the shoes.

After he or she is done with the assigned work, another scan updates the program to indicate that the cleaning has been finished as well. The task is then removed from the pending tasks list, and another scan can indicate where the shoes have been placed for racking and easy locating when the customer comes to pick up their shoes. This way, if a customer inquires about the work progress, or if you as an employer would like to track employee efficiency, you can quickly view who has finished what tasks, when they have finished it, and at what stage of finalization your pending tasks are in.

For online repair and retail service shops, ShoeMax has been interfaced with UPS and a scale that can estimate shipping and handling charges with an email delivery system that would send a notification message to customers with UPS tracking information upon completion of assignment for delivery. This can simply be done by scanning the barcode on the ticket as well as the UPS shipping label that will be printed out simultaneously.

A new feature of the ShoeMax program is the "Supplies" section which encompasses an internal supply chain management module that allows for the warehouse or storage location to send purchase orders to its vendors, review vendors according to costs and distribution channels, and handle distribution of inventory amongst satellite store locations or from the backroom storage area to the front facing store front. Insufficient stock can be reviewed immediately at both the warehouse and the store front locations, where the warehouse can send restock order requests to the vendor, and the store front can send internal inventory restocking requests to the storage location or warehouse.

This is a highly sophisticated and advanced solution that can reduce man power, inventory loss, save a great deal of time and money invested into inventory and supply chain management.

A unique feature of ShoeMax is called the "Quote Account," which allows for you to make price estimations for new customers without having to create extraneous customer accounts in circumstances that the customer declines the estimated price. However, once the customer accepts the price, the account can thereafter be created, and all quote details that have been entered into the system will automatically be transferred over to the newly created account.

An additional feature unique to ShoeMax called "instant Service" simplifies order processing for customers on standby. These include simple repair orders such as replacing dowels or glue jobs, which can typically be completed in less than half an hour. The feature realizes time and cost savings by skipping the pickup process applicable to standard orders and eliminating the need for printed store tickets and tags. These can however be printed if necessary.

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