What’s Different?


Practically designed for suitability for all dry cleaning businesses.
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Multi Store Management

Convenient remote administration of your business from any site…
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Cost Saving

Reduces the cost of tags, tickets and ribbons…
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Appearance Settings

Prevent eyes from getting tired with 18 new appearance settings
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Space saving design allows for maximum optimization of work space.
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Capable of creating any ticket combination conveniently…
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Manage your business effectively by ensuring that your information is safe, with strict security controls.
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No System Down (NSD) feature allows for data to backed up securely even if there is one computer unit.


The most rapidly responsive software & hardware on the market…
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Loss Prevention

Monitors and prevents the intentional mistakes of employees…
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Equipped with various marketing tools including, brochure and coupon creation.
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Quick & Easy Management

Monitor and view all necessary data such as time card entry, reports, and office data.
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