Marketing / Promotion

Marketing / Promotion
Arbelsoft offers various types of coupons for any occasion such as a holiday discounts, an anniversary sale, etc. Additionally, coupons can be applied for specific terms or by any percentage that you would like. Coupons can also be applied or printed out while issuing a ticket.
The e-mail function is linked to the report feature. You may send out notifications, coupons, letters, guides, greetings, reports or anything of your choice to your customers in order to further your marketing campaign. For example, from marketing reports, you can determine the top 100 customers and send out specific e-mails to just those people, or you can send a general e-mail. The possibilities are endless.
Store Discounts
Arbelsoft offers the option for applying store discounts for specific people, groups, or during special events for a term that you may decide beforehand.
Categorical Discounts
Discounts can be applied by category such as on shirts, or pants, etc, and will be applicable for as long as you decide for it to be. Additionally, you can pre-set a specific day of the week for applying categorical discounts upon which the discounts will be applied automatically on that specific day.
Customer Loyalty
Membership & referral discounts can be applied in order to build a more solid customer base. Also, available is a feature that functions like a credit card mileage plan through which you can rank and quantify your customer's loyalty to help you in determining to whom you should reward with discounts for their patronage.
Most Valuable Customer Search
Our customer revenue level indicator & ranking feature allows for you to easily identify customers who have accounts through the revenue level indicator & the ranking feature, You can even search to see who are your most valuable customers. The feature uses color codes and a varying number of blocks, symbolizing $50 a month per block, based on the customer's contribution to your revenue and their preferred method of payment. You can customize the value of each block, and you can even view more detailed customer information such as their total contribution to your revenue as well as their value ranking in comparison to other customers.
Addresses & Labels
Our program allows for you to directly print stored customer addresses onto your printed brochures. Never again do you have to waste time and energy manually affixing mailing labels onto your brochures.