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Quick Price Setup
Quick Price Setup
Individual Setup
Individual Setup
  • Designed to best suit all sub sectors of the dry cleaning industry with 9 different categories & over 160 subjects including…
    • Store: Store hours, business hours, Ticket message, Security settings,
    • System: Time Card, Rack Assignment, Cash Control, Drop Screen Variation
    • Customer: Level Meter, Ranking Setup, Phone Number & Address Setup
    • Charge & D/C: Prepayment discount, Additional storage charge, membership application, referral plan setup, mileage plan setup, store discount setup
    • Ticket & Tag: Ticket format adjustment, Extra ticket printing function, Manual or Automatic Tag Assignments, Pre or Post Assignment System
    • A/R: Billing Duration, A/R Statement form setup, Billing Control, Security Deposit Adjustments
    • Printers: Tag Printer, Barcode Printer, Invoice Printer, Report Printer, Cash Drawer Command Code Setup
    • Devices: Integrated Credit Card Setup, Signature Pad, Fingerprint reader, PC Camera, Auto conveyor controller, Mobile Computer, Caller ID, Remote or USB Memory Backup, Keyboard Setup
    • Options: Laundromax setup- Coin System or Smart Card System, Shoemax Setup, Level Control Setup, Text Setup, Auto garment sorting conveyor setup, SoundMax setup, E-mail setup
  • Basic Prices, Upcharges, Alteration, Special Attention charges which can easily be altered on the same screen.
  • Can create unlimited number of price groups with different price tables
  • Can create an unlimited number of new items with scores of options for icon images (categorized by blue, green, orange, purple and full color), and the freedom to alter any price including alteration charges.