TailorMax Pickup - Many Payment Variations & Accurate Cash Control

Pickup Screen
Pickup Screen
Ticket Status
Ticket Status
Ticket Status
Ticket Status
  • Pickup Options
    • Partial Pickup & Partial Payment
    • Partial Pickup & Full Payment
    • Pick up without payment
    • Pickup with Credits
    • Pickup with Adjustments
    • Pickup with multiple payments
  • For security reasons, you can hide the rack location until a payment is received or issue a receipt when customers pay in cash.
  • Garments can be partially picked up. This quantity can be processed easily and our system will reveal the current customer picked up and payment status automatically detailing the items that have been picked up and those that still need to be taken. Print remaining items automatically or manually
  • Receivable balances can easily be adjusted to reflect credits or adjustments, even none payments for the client pay it later
  • Several payment options are available such as credit card, check, cash, or house account. Single transactions can be made in multiple forms of payment in any combination all within the same screen.
  • The computer will save the signature of or take a picture of customers who pick up their garments without tickets.
  • The cash drawer can be opened automatically with a single click or touch.
  • Receivable amounts in the vicinity of the exact amount due are displayed for your convenience.