Counter Operation

Fast & easy ticket generation
The unique CleanMax design conception conserves screen space by displaying related subitems with each click of a main item in order to save time wasted switching from screen to screen trying to locate each ticketing item. While other software may have 4 or 5 panels that you have to search through to locate each item, the unique CleanMax design fits up to 132 items in about a quarter of the screen.
One consolidated ticket always
Regardless of how many different categories of garments are brought in by a consumer, CleanMax automatically consolidates everything into one simple ticket. While other programs may issue a ticket for every different garment category, wasting supplies, time and adding more of a burden on the consumer, CleanMax avoids this unnecessary hassle and presents everything in one compact ticket always.
Auto sorting of like items
Generally ticket printing with DOS based software or other Windows based software only allow for about 4 inches of printable space for the context of the ticket. Regardless of what order the garments are entered into the system, CleanMax automatically sorts and groups items of the same category and condenses items of like categories together allowing for more ticketing space. Furthermore, CleanMax ticketing places no limits on the physical length of the ticket, adding freedom and greatly reducing complication.
Built in customer revenue level indicator & ranking feature
You can easily identify customers who have accounts through the revenue level indicator & the ranking feature, which uses color codes and a varying number of blocks, symbolizing $50 a month per block, based on the customer's contribution to your revenue and their preferred method of payment. You can customize the value of each block, and you can even view more detailed customer information such as their total contribution to your revenue as well as their value ranking in comparison to other customers.
Split ticketing feature
For example if a customer brought in 30 2-piece suits, this would be a difficult case to handle both physically and in terms of issuing tickets in manageable bundles. The CleanMax split ticketing feature allows for items to automatically be separated into split tickets in order to make the handling of these garments much easier on your part. The customer however will always receive one consolidated ticket that includes the numbers of the subtickets that were issued through the split ticketing feature with all of their respective items listed.
Quick drop for customers
When clients drop off a personalized bag with a name tag and barcode label provided by the cleaners, you can use the quick drop button to issue a ticket with only the ticket number for easy pick up later on, while simultaneously saving a great deal of time during rush hour. CleanMax keeps a record of the number of quick drops made per day so that your employees can more carefully review and implement upcharge details at more leisurely time.
Hold button for uncertain items or charges
In times of uncertainty of the complicatedness of a job such as an alteration or the cleaning of special items, your employee working at the counter may not be sure about the price to charge the customer. The hold button puts this task off to a later time when the detailed nature of the job can be evaluated by an expert and the customer can be notified thereafter.
Message and Store hours printing
You can print your store hours and include a personalized message on the customer ticket with whatever you would like -- from seasonal greetings to general thank yous and even personal messages to frequent customers. You may even exclude all such messages from the ticket if that is your preference.
New customer initial preference auto setting
Customers preferences vary endlessly such as whether or not they would like their sweaters on a hanger or folded, their pants creased or not creased, etc. For first time customers, all of these preferences are automatically inserted into the system so that you can fulfill your customer's needs and personal preferences without asking them every time. Furthermore, these preferences are listed in bold letters on the ticket for easy viewing, and will be printed out on the ticket automatically for each visit thereafter. This is also another way to ensure that you present their garments to them in exactly the way that they want.
Easy traceability & reviewing
A unique feature of the CleanMax software is that there are many different ways in which you can trace and review ticketing reports. For example, for ticket searches, you can sort by customer name, ready by dates, categories, whether or not the garment has been picked up, quantity, customer number etc. The score of sorting opportunities greatly facilitates your job and makes reviewing and organizing a lot easier. Another form of reviewing is the quick information tab at the main screen which allows for you to view a constantly updated business status, all in one glance, preventing mistakes, and making sure necessary tasks get carried out.
Capture Garment Images
Can capture up to 4 images each for all occasions including capturing garment images for pick up & delivery purposes. Higher image clarity in any light. Quality glass optics and superior VGA performance. Now with Right Light 2 Technology. Digital Zoom 1.3 Mega pixel Flat Panel Clip Included Intelligent Face-Tracking.
Create your own ticketing style with logo
You can personalize your ticket by including your personal company logo as a black and white bmp file (1 x 4), alter font size, text location, choose with or without barcode, etc. In case you did not produce your desired ticket appearance result, you can simply reset all standard appearance settings and start over.
Cleanest & Speediest Ticket Printing
The CleanMax ticket format is printed out using graphic images for more clarity and crisp and clear printing. In addition to the clarity of printing quality, we offer the most rapid ticket printing speed for both time conservation and a great appearance.
Review your last 20 searches
Whenever you search for anything, whether you are looking for a customer, a specific account, etc, our search database saves the last 20 items you have searched on its history for easy reference.
Quote Account
“Quote Account,” allows for you to make price estimations for new customers without having to create extraneous customer accounts in circumstances that the customer declines the estimated price. However, once the customer accepts the price, the account can thereafter be created, and all quote details that have been entered into the system will automatically be transferred over to the newly created account.
Future Pricing
Uncertain alteration charges, instant up charges, taxes, discounts, and price adjustments can be easily processed with this feature.
Ticket & Tag
Fully supported automatic tag assignment
You have the option of equipping your hardware with a tag printer which can be interfaced with the software. Tag numbers are automatically assigned, and tickets and tags are printed simultaneously.
3 tag printing style for Piece & Lot system
CleanMax supports three different printing styles for both the Piece system and the Lot System, totaling 6 different styles. CleanMax can also use a number combination of either 3, 4, or 5 digits based on your personal preference.
Pre or post tag assignment
For those who use a color rotation system to signify days of the week instead of using a tag printer, you can make tag assignments and print tag numbers on the ticket before printing it out or after issuing a simple ticket which is smaller than the standard size. We recommend pre-tag assignment for the Piece System and a Post-tag assignment for the Lot system. Whether you use a tag printer or not, CleanMax fully supports all kinds of business situations.
Barcode & permanent heat sealed tag
CleanMax supports and is fully integrated with barcodes and permanent heat sealed tags that are used for automatic garment assembly conveyor systems, such as those made by Metal Progetti and White Conveyors.
Instant discount adjustment feature
While issuing a ticket, you can use the CleanMax instant discount feature either by percentage or by a specific value. You can even apply an instant discount as customers come to pick up their garments, whether it is out of new customer courtesy, or due to a problem with the drycleaning, etc. More importantly you can monitor potentially bad intentions of your employees, such as the application of instant discounts while pocketing side cash, because all such discounts remain on permanent record on the quick information tab on the first page. CleanMax allows for your employees to have the flexibility to apply and use CleanMax features, however we always account for your security and safety and empower you with the oversight to correct and prevent such intentional mistakes in the future.
Pre payment discount
The system has a pre payment discount plan as an incentive for customers to come pick up garments that they don't need during a particular season so as to clear your inventory and allow space for more. You can choose any percentage value for the pre payment discount.
Barcode Shoe Tags - ShoeMax
An easily removable and non-damaging pair of barcode sticker identification tags (which can be reprinted at any time) can simultaneously be printed out with the invoice ticket. These categorize the task of the job to be done (whether it is an alteration, repair, or cleaning) as a clear indication of jobs to be completed and to facilitate tracking and management of pending tasks.
UPC / SKU Label Printing - ShoeMax, LaundroMax
Either enter items on the program, or through a simple scan of the UPC or SKU code by the Metrologic omni directional barcode scanner, which is a Standard option item. You can also create and print your own SKU code sticker for items that do not have a UPC Code.
Pick Up
One touch memo upon receipt phone call
If you are using the system with the Caller ID option, a pop up with pick up, delivery and other buttons will appear on the screen as an easy way to take note of the customer's request. All messages will appear on the main screen for easy access, and will serve as a helpful reminder for completing all necessary tasks.
Partial pickup & partial payment / Partial pickup & full payment
CleanMax supports partial pickups for partial payments in the case that not all garments are ready or if the customer lacks sufficient funds at that time. CleanMax also supports partial pickups with a full payment to prevent the customer from having to write out multiple checks. Another important point is that these two payment and pick up combinations can both be managed on the same screen with the press of a button.
Print remaining items
In case of a partial pickup, CleanMax allows for you to print out the remaining items on the ticket upon which computer records are automatically updated for easy review at a later time.
Multiple payment feature in a single transaction
If the customer doesn't have enough cash for example to cover the amount they owe, they can pay in any different combination of payment methods to fulfill the owed amount. To make your life easier, all of these different payment methods can be conveniently managed on a single screen.
E-mail notice for pick-up and delivery
The CleanMax software automatically sends e-mail notifications and confirmations with the amount due, ticket number, and the data and time of a pick-up or delivery to customers.
Accurate display of possible receivable amounts
During customer pickups, the computer will automatically reveal potential receivable amounts in the vicinity of the amount due, as a way to save time spent entering values into the system. Other computer systems may only offer a fixed $10, $20, $50 and $100 dollar amounts, but our computer system is always ready to recalculate and display potential receivable amounts for every possible amount due.
Release form & disclaimer
If a customer makes a request that presents a potential risk to their garments, but persists in their request nevertheless, you can issue a disclaimer and receive a customer signature as a binding agreement. Other cases include antique garments, drapes, or rugs exposed under the UV rays of the sun which may appear normal at a glance, but may come out faded after a cleaning due to the long term exposure. In cases such as these where the items present a risk and liability to the reputation of your cleaners, you can also issue a release form. Both the release forms and disclaimers are printed out and issued at the same time as the ticket. For further security, you can capture images with the PC Camera. As a further reminder and notifier, tickets issued with a release form or disclaimer will be indicated on computer records with a triangular or rectangular shape.
Pickup Proof
For customers who come to pick up their garments who do not have their receipts, they can sign a slip that serves as a pickup proof and a form of security for the customer identity. After you have received a pickup proof, the system will process tickets that have been picked up with a pickup proof slip opposite to a customer receipt for quick and easy future reference.