System Password


Automated Password Updates

We like to proudly pronounce that we have created a convenient feature in our new update. After April 15th, 2013, all ELIGIBLE clients with the POS software version of April 2013 (ver. 7.7.0150) and higher will be permitted to have their passwords pushed automatically to your POS system. As long as there is internet connection, this will eliminate the constant process of clients inputting the new passwords MONTHLY or ANNUALLY. If the version of the software does not meet the minimum requirements, please update it on our website’s support page under downloads.

Arbelsoft software such as CleanMax for Dry Cleaners, LaundroMax for Laundromats, TailorMax for Tailoring, ShoeMax for Shoe Repair Service versions newer than 7.2 SP1 have station names that are fixed, so that you can access passwords from your home in case your store does not have internet service. In order to clarify what passwords are required for our different kinds of users,
Please refer to our Password Guide

Initial Activation Passwords

All software users – both renters and purchasers require an initial activation password following installation in order to be able to start-up and access the program. Initial Activation passwords are effective until the 25th of the month following the installation date.

Software renters should receive their monthly password online either on or before the 25th of the following month.

Store Information Passwords

Following a proper activation of the program, you can set up your store information by starting at the top of the main screen. This program requires a store information password. In order to protect your security, any future changes made to your store information will require a new store information password.

Annual Passwords

All software user shall pay an Annual License Maintenance Fee (“ALMF”) of $180 per license for a new annual password after the 8 years of license expiration period has ended from the initial issuance date.
Customers that are currently subscribed to Service contracts, Rental software or Rental or finance packages are exempt from the ALMF.

Monthly Passwords

For customers who have not yet paid in full or are currently renting our products – you must receive monthly passwords online.

Update Passwords

Updates are available unlimitedly for all the users who are under warranty or are enlisted under our “Customer Care Contract.”

Upgrade Passwords

Version upgrades is available for all users at any time. Receive your upgrade password here. For users upgrading from the Standard to the Full Version, get your password here. One year of unlimited service following software update.

Additional Passwords

Users implementing their system with any of the following: Caller ID, SoundMax, A/R Module, Remote Backup, Automatic Garment Sorting – should get their password here.