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Tip: Initial transaction must include a server which has a SQL database.
Each additional purchase on the same network will be a client(s) unit.

Case 1: 1 store, 4 units
Selection Guide: 1 server unit and 3 client units.

Case 2: 2 stores, 2 units for each location
Selection Guide: 2 server units and 2 client units(1 for each location).

Case 3: 2 stores, 1 unit plus SyncMax at main office or home
Selection Guide: 3 server software and 3 SyncMax

Note: SyncMax is not a data sharing software like pcAnywhere. SyncMax can be accessed at any satellite store and time without interfering with the local user.
Necessary business status reports are updated every 5 minutes.
Each store’s software version must be matched with the same existing version.
A High speed Static IP address is required for this software.

All Arbelsoft Software purchases come with:

  • 1 Year warranty including free updates, with the option to rent, purchase.
  • All in One computers are also available for rental.
  • 30 day money back guarantee following the initial trial period. If you're not satisfied simply cancel.
  • before 30 days and only pay a 3% credit card service charge. After the initial 30 days there will be no refunds issued.
  • All Rental software comes with free updates as long as you continue to rent.
  • 3 different payment plans are available.
  • Easy Do It Yourself installation for any of our licensed software products.
  • All Installation Guides Windows 7, User Manuals, Maintenance Guides, and Video Simulation downloads are available on our website.
  • We can help match the perfect software for all your business needs!
  • Upon request, easy to setup store prices by using our pricing code support.
  • Our software contains over 40 voice narrated video training guides for common day to day management, as well as over 370 video training guides available for download.