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Custom Website Integration

Continuing our innovation, we know and understand the importance of having a web presence. With our Custom Website Integration, we’re able to tie in your website and POS system together. This allows for your customers to create an account on your site. Any customer with an account can view their order status, request a pickup, or delivery service, make payments and more! We also match your website’s theme, color scheme, logo and more to improve branding and customer loyalty. Don’t have a website? Arbelsoft, is able to custom create one for you with all the customer account features. Bring your Laundromat to the web with Arbelsoft!

By giving customers access to their own data you’ll reduce the number of customer service calls. Some general features that help you realize the most potential are:

General Information
  • With our Graphic Designer we match and integrate with your website including themes, color schemes, logos and more.
  • We can custom design and host your own website if you don’t have one!
  • Custom web design requires a minimum of a 10 page layout – Packages start at $250/page, but prices will vary according to the functionality, structure, and complexity of the site.
  • Website Integration Requires a Minimum of 10 page layout
  • Any Additional Features or Functions can be developed for an extra $250/hour
  • Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding Website Integration or to order : 877-970-1212 Ext 3023
  • Web Hosting only $45 / Month
  • Web Hosting + Integration Service only $72 / Month
  • Integration Service is only $39 / Month / Location
Website Integration Server Computers

We highly recommend upgrading the server computer to a more powerful spec. There is a lot of demand put on the database server which will affect website performance. In order to make sure the website experience for your customer is fast and fluid, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Standard is also required. See the bundled packages below for great deals and easy upgrades.

Computer Upgrade III for Website Integration

Dell Precision T1700
Core i5 Quad Core, Quad 3.0 GHz, 4GB Memory
500GB HD with MS SQL 2012 Standard

Computer Upgrade IV for Website Integration

Dell Precision Tower 5810
XEON Quad Core, 2.8GHz, 8GB Memory
500GB HD with MS SQL 2012 Standard

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