Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question that is not answered, please visit the Arbelsoft Forum for assistance from the experts.
1I live in an area where I do not have direct contact with your local agent. If I purchase your computer system, how can I learn to use it on my own and how long will this take me?
From the start off, we can personally train you about the basics of our system via an interactive Live Demo, which combines visual simulations on your computer and audio aids by telephone while answering your questions and providing further insight into the features of our product. Additionally, all software provides an integrated simulation as well as a manual. You will learn to use our product within a matter of hours. See more details Live Training
2If my hardware malfunctions, what kind of support can I receive from you if I am in urgent need of help?
Under warranty, we will send you new hardware promptly without any shipping charges. In case of a software problem, we will correct your problems via internet.
3If I have hardware from a previous POS Computer Software System, can I buy just the Arbelsoft software instead of purchasing the entire system?
Yes, you can. However, our software supports most common hardware, so the entire system may not be necessary for a full synchronization and in order to take advantage of its full benefits. See more details Standard Hardware, Compatible Hardware and System Requirements
4What are the hardware specifications for your product?
If your system is Intel processor, 3.0 GHz or higher our product will function properly with your computer. See more details System Requirements
5Your advertisement claims that CleanMax can cut extraneous expenses. Is it true? What is a rough estimate of how much I can save by using CleanMax?
It is true. If you are using with our tag and thermal invoice printer, that alone saves about 60 dollars per month, in case of a store with a revenue of about 4000 dollars a week, which translates to 720 dollars a year and 3600 dollars over the course of 5 years, which basically negates the price of CleanMax itself and additional benefits! See more details Savings
6We have been using the CleanMax Standard Version for two years already, and we are planning to expand our business to include a route delivery service. Can we upgrade CleanMax to support this addition to our business?
Yes, you can upgrade your Standard version to our Full version. Our Full version supports all delivery services such route or valet or both combination. See more details Upgrade.
7You claim that CleanMax and ShoeMax is the most advanced system on the market. What places your product above all the others. If your product is so advanced, how consumer friendly is it?
I have a question for you. Consider this. Who is going to build a new house a carpenter or an architect? If you think it is a carpenter, it is technically incorrect. Similarly, a firm grasps on the Dry Cleaning and Shoe Repair industry and the process know-how from 25 years of experience in the industry, just like the expertise of an architect, was invaluable for building our CleanMax product. This is why we can say with pride that all ArbelSoft products have been "Created by industry professionals for industry professionals." Although our product is advanced, once you understand and familiarize yourself with the button locations, you will find it easy to understand, and be able to carry out the speediest ticket processing you have ever experienced.
8We are owners of a small drop store. We need something simple and basic, but your system seems highly advanced. How can CleanMax accommodate to our needs?
CleanMax has the flexibility to bend to any business type. We have three levels targeted toward three different kinds of users the advanced, the intermediate, and the basic. The basic features will be perfect for your current business situation. See more details System Levels
9Is Arbelsoft software compatible with Microsoft Windows 7?
Yes. Currently, we are using Microsoft SQL 2012 which is compatible with 7, 64 bits.
10Can CleanMax and ShoeMax support wholesaler accounts?
Yes, we can. All our products support wholesale or group accounts with weekly or monthly statement by unlimited price tables. See more details Operations
11What are the advantages of incorporating replication into your system?
Replication provides a solid backup in case of a server corruption at a satellite store or failure. This way, your business can continue to operate smoothly despite any problems that may surface. See more details SyncMax Solutions
12What exactly does remote back up mean?
Remote back up means that you can send your data to our hosting service via internet. This way if your system crashes or damaged by flood or fire, you can retrieve all of your data.
13What is SyncMax? Can I manage my business from my home as well as my office?
Yes, you can. SyncMax is a supplement to any Arbelsoft software which provides you with two way communications between you and your satellite stores. You can manage your business via SyncMax from any location & even from overseas! See more details. SyncMax and SyncMax Price
14What are the Arbelsoft basic POS package items?
A package includes Dell Computer, ELO Touch Screen Monitor, Star Invoice Printer, Posiflex Cash Drawer and UPS, Battery Power Backup with software and local customer directory database. Each system provides simulations and manual and Price setup is completed by Arbelsoft to ensure customer's prompt use except ShoeMax retail sales items. See more details Packages
15Does Arbelsoft offer any rental plans?
We offer several purchasing options which allow our customers the flexibility to devise a payment plan that puts the least strain on their finances. The purchasing options are as follows: Buy, Rent and Reserve or an Interest Free Payment plan.