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  Arbelsoft is a leading software firm specializing in the creation, distribution, and   installation of POS Computer System packages and software that have been   exclusively created for facilitating the operational management of drycleaning   businesses, laundromats, shoe repair services, and tailoring services.

  We deliver powerful solutions that create lasting impacts on the businesses we   serve because we provide our clients with the valuable tools they need in order to   render highly efficient operations, a facilitated management process, minimized   risk, increased oversight, and maximized profits.

  We have enhanced over 2600 businesses internationally and we hope to continue   to serve clients globally through constant innovation, a firm commitment to our   clients, and a dedication to perfection.

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deco International Version
We are one step closer to providing a truly globalized product and service. The Spanish version is now available for purchase.
The Portuguese version will be released early to mid-FEBRUARY 2013.

International Version to be available in 4 to 5 weeks after Completion of Flexible Formatting Capabilities. We are currently rendering address and telephone number formats, currencies, and holiday conventions to match those of a set of 18 countries. For example the holiday convention selector will automatically prevent ready dates from coinciding with local holidays. The currency selection also filters through to daily closing statements and payable amounts.

The countries are: Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominica Rep. China.

deco TailorMax Launch!
Designed specifically for Tailoring & Alteration businesses. ArbelSoft also offers intersoftware compatibility such that businesses offering both dry cleaning and Tailoring & Alteration services can use TailorMax in conjunction with CleanMax to accommodate for all offered services. What differentiates TailorMax from CleanMax are the 10 additional task specializations. To name just a few these include: Button, Hem, Lining, Seam, Sleeve, Tape, Waist....Find out more for yourself. Ask about TailorMax and we'll tell you all about it.
Toll Free 877.939.1212

deco Back Office Replication Feature

deco New software rental plan available!   Click here for price details

deco ShoeMax Revamped with the Consulting Advice of Carlos and David Mesquita.
We have teamed with celebrated shoe doctors and the current owners of Leather Spa, Mr. Carlos and David Mesquita, in order to revamp and redesign ShoeMax with their extensive consulting and knowledgeable advice. The Mesquitas are shoe experts with over 30 years of industry experience. David Mesquita has been touted by Time Out New York as "the celebrated shoe doctor of choice to the rich and picky," and is also the business mind behind the successful enterprise "Shoe Service Plus," which has been recognized in magazines such as Vogue, Allure, InStyle, and Glamour.
Leather Spa     See Details

deco Introducing the CleanMax Independent Garment Sorting Systems
We have incorporated the latest technology to facilitate garment sorting systems through the introduction of an independent built-in garment assembly interface, that functions with or without a conveyor. The most fundamental aspect of garment sorting systems is garment identification, which can be established through a number of different methods such as with a permanent heat seal tag, a temporary barcode tag, or with RFID. From the most costly option of RFID to the most economical choice of barcode tags, our additional garment assembly technology supports all methods and even recognizes tag numbers on barcode tags.     See Details

deco ArbelSoft Takes Steps Towards Integrating Globally
We are pleased to announce that Arbelsoft has grown over the past 4 years, from the summer of 2004 to over 2600 users. We express our gratitude for your patronage and have been and will be continuously working on improving our products to provide you with the very best. Currently, we plan on expanding & accommodating our product to customers overseas with the soon to be launched foreign language versions. The first release will be in Spanish, followed up by Portuguese, French, Arabic, and Italian versions. Our system currently includes holiday set-ups for holidays specific to foreign countries, metric scale conversion, and currency conversion.

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